Drive Locker: Hide and Block access to Hard Drive Partition in one Click

No matter how personal is your Computer, circumstances become that you have to give access to family members or close friends. To preserver integrity and security of your data, strategy, Drive Locker hides HDD Partition in one click.

Many people are feared of testing security programs which encrypts data when there sole purpose was to block access simply and quickly.

Drive Locker is in fact a small portable program is completely free and used solely and exclusively on the Windows OS at home that offers the ability to block access to any drive and hide them from view of other users when you open “My Computer”.

Drive Locker

Just open the program (Run as Administrator), check the boxes in front of Drive name and Hit Apply. Done!

Within Seconds, the Drive name will be vanished and when you try to access the drive via Windows Explorer, it shows following error reading:

Drive Locker Hide HDD Partition

Download Drive Locker


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  1. How can this post hasn’t until now one single comment?
    I’ve been for the last three hours looking for some application that got me protected on a partition where I save data, from the eyes of other users.
    I’ve intalled and uninstalled a bunch of software, was about to ruin all my system with the thing of encrypting data and you solved it with a snnipet of code with 23Kb.

    Not sure what it does maybe mount and unmount the drive, not totally perfect as high level security mesure probably but simply brilliant once you don’t move one single bit of your data, taking the risk of in short start having your files corrupted.

    No instalation needed, no passwords to forget later, you can carry the application on your pen drive, or hide it anywhere on your hard drive.


  2. Nomun says:

    Very easy to use, nice program. I have been searching Google to lock my partition but it did it without any pain. Thanks ….

  3. hylozoik says:

    BTW: I’m looking for an App, who can restrict WRITE access to the System Partition e.g. Windows Partition ?

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