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Most of us have joined Facebook to connect with our friends. Some to make new friends. Facebook has enabled us to be in touch with those people with whom we had lost contact a long time ago. Old school pals rediscovered, old crushes found out and a lot more.

However, you come to know from a mutual friend that another friend of yours is getting married. He had updated his post as such, but you never saw any such thing on your newsfeed even though he is on your friends list.

What has happened is that, Facebook by default shows you updates of those friends with whom you have interacted recently. Today we show you how to change this so you never miss an important update.

Login to your Facebook account.

In your Newsfeed, click on the small icon beside Most Recent to get a drop down menu.

From the dropdown menu, choose Edit options to open the Edit your News Feed Settings window.

From the drop down menu, choose All of your friends and pages.

Now, you can receive updates from all of your friends regardless of whether you have interacted with them recently or not.


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  1. Gourav says:

    Thanks for the tip, I didn’t even know that feeds from some friends were hidden

  2. Raz says:

    Thanks that help me. 🙂

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