How to Find out Applications consuming more CPU and RAM on Windows 7

Geeks are always interested in knowing performance of computer system, discovering applications eating up RAM and consuming CPU usage. Here I share a real time process/thread activity tool so that we can catch the application causing problems.

Windows 7 integrates number of tools to keep watch on process activities but why not use an universal standalone tool with which you can find out Applications consuming more CPU and RAM Memory on Windows.

With free program called “Process Monitor” from Microsoft (SysInternals) which doesn’t require installation. Very easy to use and monitor status of PC and find out resource sucking process and limit them manually.

Application consuming CPU RAM

  1. Go to menu File and uncheck the item Capture events You can pause the monitoring process by Process Monitor.
  2. Click on the button Clear toolbar (the sheet with the eraser) to erase all information previously recorded by Process Monitor;
  3. Go to menu Options> Events Profiling, Put the check on the items Generate thread profiling events and Every 100 milliseconds, And click OK to configure the program so that it captures the execution of each process in the log;
  4. Go to menu File and put the tick on the item Capture events to restart the monitoring process by Process Monitor;
  5. At the end of follow-up, ie after using the programs referred to means test the appetite for resources, back in the main Process Monitor, go to the menu File and uncheck the item Capture events to stop the monitoring process;
  6. Go to menu Tools> Process Activity Summary to view the list of registered processes by Process Monitor on CPU and RAM consumption.

Application consuming CPU RAM

Sort processes according to RAM usage now

Application consuming CPU RAM


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