[Fix] Disable The Increasing / Ascending Ring on Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Samsung Smartphones comes with a “feature” where whenever you get an incoming call the ringtone fades up from low volume to the user specified volume gradually. Some may find it useful but I find it rather annoying and above that there is no inbuilt option in the settings menu to over ride it. Now with the below mentioned fix you will be able to get rid of ascending ringtone and play it at the level set it to.

Pre-Requisites to fix Increasing Ring on Galaxy S

  1. Your phone should be rooted. If you have not yet rooted your phone then root Galaxy S
  2. Your phone needs to be deodexed prior of applying the fix.
  3. There is a unique file fix for each version of Samsung Galaxy S so make sure you use the correct file.
  4. We take no responsibility of any harm caused to your device and can nerve be blamed in the future.
  5. This fix will not work on any other Android model of Samsung. If you want a fix for your phone do let me know from the comment section and I may find a solution to help you out.

Instructions for fixing Increasing Ring on Galaxy S

  1. Put your phone in flight mode making it completely offline.
  2. Use a terminal, or root explorer, or any app that provide system file editing. Copy the Phone.apk (file name is case sensitive)  modified for  your  version of Samsung (Download link at the end of the post ) at  /system/app/ folder mounted in R/W mode.
  3. Backup your original file in case you change your mind in future.
  4. When patching you will get about two or more force closes which is fine.
  5. Now restart your phone and enjoy the ringtone at the volume you set it.

Phone.apk download links


Phone.apk deodexed JPO.zip


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Ashish Mundhra from Siliguri (India) loves exploring the gamut of new developments in the technology field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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  1. hi can I implement this on my SGS GT-I9000 Galaxy S?

  2. BTW…how do I deodexed the phone with your Phone_JPM_JP6.zip?
    My phones FW are:
    PDA: I9000BUJP7
    Phone: I9000BUJP5
    CSC: I9000GVODJP7

  3. Xavier says:

    No need to root your phone with this app:
    It disabled increasing ring for my Samsung Galaxy S

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