Generate Funny, Naughty status for Social Networking sites

All social networking site freaks always try to keep their status something different, amazing and bit funny. Status of what you are doing right now is really a different experience. So, for the sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut, you can use online status generator.

Just type in you name and specify your gender on to get amazing results for your status update in seconds. If you think- you can’t imagine more, then this service is for you.

make funny staatus updates on Facebook, twitter

There are variety of Tags to use from and numerable messages. Check out these funny lines which I got as a result from there.

Generatus Sample Status Updates

  • Rohit is a lumberjack and he’s okay; he drinks all night and works all day.
  • Rohit is looking for a meaningful overnight relationship.
  • Rohit thought that he was indecisive but now he’s not so sure.
  • Rohit is so bored at work, he has petrified and is now used as a paper weight.
  • Rohit can be happy with any woman, as long as he does not love her.

Using Generatus is total fun when you are bored. It can provide you with amusing updates but still your own creativity stands out leaving everything behind.



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  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    Very nice share… I liked this one.

    Pavan is so poor that whenever the wind blows, his address changes 😉

  2. Useful points=) Will come back again=)

  3. sugitha says:

    New social networking sites and social networking sites updates all comes with the status.

  4. ipay says:

    nice share, thanks..

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