Google Search in 19th Century

Have you ever wondered how primitive technologies would have worked to carry out Google search in olden days.

Google classic Search

Google classic Search

Want to search?

  1. Enter your Query.
  2. Tick appropriate category.
  3. Place the seal stamp on the place.
  4. Post it.

Allow atleast 30 days for response to your query, so simple! isn’t it?


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  1. venkat says:

    That’s funny we can get search results instantly now a days,it will be good prank if it posted on April 1st.

  2. Bell Perey says:

    good information site! I am loving it!! Probably will come back again – having you rss feeds at the same time,

  3. MURULI.P says:

    Google is world most popular “SEARCH ENGINE” and now days it provide many service with advanced techonology………. and google will help me for getting information that i require.
    So i provde to say this ” I LOVE GOOGLE FOR EVER “

  4. srihari says:

    Thanks google,I want to know whether google can get me a job as iam bored of getting information from u now for a change get me a job please. search word is “Mechanical Engineer”.

  5. Brandon says:

    I found this pic in Google images! Its weird commenting on a 3-4 year old post!!!

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