How Do Websites Make Money Online When I Use It For Free

You probably be using more than 3 online services- social network, email, music or video streaming. Ever wondered why are they providing you service (for free in most cases). Yes, they do earn from you but How do they make money online?

For some services like shopping sites, we do make payments to buy a product. So, you can easily guess their income source. But there are many sites which do not demand anything and offer everything for free.

Online game like Farmville or a popular web browser like Mozilla Firefox are continuously developing, bringing new features for you and offering it to you for free. If we aren’t paying them (being a user) then how come they are earning from us and still stand as a profitable company.

Apart from directly asking user for payments, there are many alternative sources of income online. Some of these are- Advertising, Selling User data, Affiliates, Royalty, etc.

So, someone took out time to collect data on how do websites make money online and compiled it.

How do they make money online is a name of site where list of website is given (represented by their logo). Just click on respective logos to know more about their income source, financial status and other details.

how do make money online

Almost all popular names are mentioned on the page along with revenue sources. I hope you won’t have any more confusions in mind about how these websites make money.

And when they are offering so many great stuffs to users for free, they do deserve an online income, isn’t it?

Visit How do they Make Money

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  1. rakesh says:

    I always thought about Mozilla how they earn even they don’t have ads on his site. Now I now the secret.

  2. Raj says:

    Rohit: thanks for the link. I think in the Indian market, affiliate revenue is a big source of revenue for many free websites (e.g. price comparison websites, deal listing/ coupon websites)

  3. Abu Darda says:

    It’s a nice information you have shared in your post. Thank you for the link.

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