How to Remove Errors in Google Webmaster tools

We all submit our blog and website xml/html sitemap to Google Webmaster tools but some of us took pain to check the Web Master tool regularly. After successful login to Webmaster tool we can check  functioning and indexing of our site on Google search engine.If you still are unaware of  Webmaster tool submit your blog to Google Webmaster tool right now.

Nobody is perfect in world that Principle  is applicable to almost everybody. On Dash Board along with the complete status you can see the errors of your site at right corner in bottom. Here there are number of Crawl Error including errors in Http, errors in sitemap, not followed links, not found links. I will tell you how to minimize those errors within in few days.

Above screen shots can really tells you how I removed Not found crawler error from 16 to 4 just within in 15 Days. As such those errors may not have direct impact on your indexing but no error in web Master tool will really give you self satisfaction and chances to be in top of Google search.


Now just go to your Webmasters dashboard you will find Crawl errors link under Diagnostics then switch towards Not found as I circled in above screen shot. Here you will get  number of pages link which are linking to not found page simply click on that as shown. One more window will explore now as,


Here it is nothing but the list of those pages. As an example I chosen one not found link from 6 pages link. What you will do now? Go to WordPress dashboard and edit those post containing those faulty links arose from any mistake or broken link. If you want to edit all those faulty links at a time, I have solution for it also! Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin allow us to edit all the faulty, non working at the same time without actually editing the plugin.

Download Broken Link Checker Plugin and install in your wp plugin directory. It will appear under tools section , click on it.


Its really an amazing plugin that works 100% and checks all the broken links throught your wordpress site. On right hand side of plugin dashboard you will get the faulty address of that suspected link which simply you can delete it , unlink it or edit it. Here I purposely chosen that link in screen shot which is a broken link. Re edit the links and get rid of errors in Google Webmaster tools.


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  1. Nice one Rohit.. I think this will solve most of my problems ! Kudos.. 🙂

  2. Ricky says:

    Thanks for the detail information buddy. It will definitely help me.

  3. This info is going to help me.. but not exactly do u have any idea in solving the crawl errors other than 404..

  4. wow ….superb ! Good information.

    Great post. keep posting.

    Thank you

  5. Tips and tricks blog says:

    Thanks buddy for your informations!

  6. Lola Allen says:

    i was wondering if there are webmasters who manages several thousand websites at a time.`:,

  7. marvin says:

    thanks men! I will try this one, My web has a lot of missing link

  8. being a webmaster is sometimes very tiring due to the large amount of multitasking involved-;-

  9. webmasters are really great coz they know how to manage time and multi-task at the same time*,,

  10. Neon Light : says:

    webmasters are great in multi-tasking, i myself is a webmaster too and i usually do alot to manage several webpages:.,

  11. peace says:

    Thanks for this post at last I have got rid of this problem in my global peace related article based blog.

  12. m akrakurd says:

    Thanks alot for great info helped me lot. thanks again.

  13. James says:

    nice article for sharing thanks for sharing .

  14. deddy says:

    Thanks for article…now i can manage my site very easy.

  15. Ramlan Tjong says:

    I had little problem about crawler error

  16. prajith says:

    thanks for sharing .useful plugin

  17. This looks really helpful! Thanks for the download.

  18. Hi just came across this while looking for something else I myself have been using broken link checker myself for a while now and it does what it say’s on the label.
    I would be very happy to use this detailed report on my site please let me know if that is possible.

    Best Regards



  19. thanks man, this solved my problem

  20. epl stream says:

    Thanks man for your informations

  21. says:

    nice tips

    keep posting bratha

  22. calvin says:

    so what I got to do is fix the link only, and google will get it off from the list if those broken links are fixed, how about for those link which is linked from unavailable? Are they there forever?

  23. Conroy says:

    great blog site. many thanks for this excellent write-up. i be thankful a lot.

  24. Amro says:

    Inside my dashboard it doesn’t show any broken links but inside webmastercentral I see 15 urls not found.

    How can I solve this?

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