Internet Download Manager Review: Speed Has No Alternative [Giveaway]

Internet Download manager (IDM) doesn’t require any introduction. Many of our readers might be using it already and may be knowing more than me about it. It is a must have software. IDM does what it says. It dramatically increased download speed of files and features offered are unbeatable.

Not just downloading but it organizes your files according to type, offers scheduling of download and integration with browsers for ease of downloading. It doesn’t only catches the file download links from browser but also detects audio and video. And offers option to download videos on page in FLV, MP4 or whatever format available.

Installer is 4MB which installs quickly and tries to integrate its addon with browser installed on system. No manual configuration needed, it automatically does on its own. The application supports all major browsers on the market, from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox to Opera and Safari, but you can add new navigation tools as well.

Interface is simple with one window which carries all menu buttons and list of files downloaded. I agree that it isn’t impressive but don’t go on looks.

idm window

From now on, any file download request invoked by web browser will be tackled by IDM. IDM is very clever and versatile in download management. It can automatically arrange the downloaded content into specific folder. For example: Video files will be in Video folder while any ZIP or RAR will be stored in Compressed folder. These locations can be customized from settings.

IDM Downloads are Fastest

I am using this software for more than 2 years now and definitely say that IDM can extract maximum possible speed to download. A file which had estimated download time 5:32 minutes on Firefox and 5:03 minutes on Chrome was downloaded in 3:50 minutes on Internet Download manager.


You can either download file at the same moment or use ‘Download Later’. File can be added to Main Download queue and it will downloaded according to schedule.

idm scheduler

Inbuilt Video Downloader

As I said above, browser extension not only catches file download but also detect multimedia objects on web page. For example, you are on Youtube video page, you will observe Download Video button by IDM just besides video. Clicking on video will give you option to download video in available qualities (High/Low, MP4/ FLV).

idm video download

Same is applicable for Audio files too.

Support for Site Logins

Some websites require login to download. Not necessary but if you have premium login access to download sites like Rapidshare, Depositfiles, etc. You can configure IDM to store login details of those site. IDM will take care of logging into those sites and downloading files as premium user without waiting.

idm site login

Export and Import File List

List of Files downloaded or the ones in queue can be exported into Text file. This same file can also be imported in to IDM which could be helpful while reinstalling program.

What’s Annoying

Some file hosts have .zip or .rar in the webpage URL but they don’t specify the download location of a file. IDM gets mistaken by such URLs and prevents web browser to open page and instead tries downloading file from it.

Also, sometimes you don’t want to download a video but just stream it. There are situations that IDM catches the stream and stops playing the video on browser. Not a usual case but rarely it happens.


IDM is one of the software which never found an alternative on my system. It is a must have for every system with Internet connection. In my tests and experience, I found it to be the fastest file download manager. Simple to use and configure. Sits quietly in system tray and does what it promises.

It is available for download as trial or you may buy it now for 24.95$ instead of 29$ and save 5$ instantly.

Internet Download Manager Serial Number Giveaway

As a promotional activity, Blogsolute in association with Tonec, Inc. is giving away 15 Licenses of IDM. All Blogsolute readers can take advantage of it and win full license for free by participating.

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Rohit Langde is Founder and Editor-in-chief of Blogsolute. Tech Blogger by Passion & Profession | Mechanical Engineer by Qualification | Introverted Geek by Choice

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    unintentional video download problem is solved with the new version of idm. there was a youtube video download problem, that’s solved too.

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    I use this soft, all ok but this soft load all download links

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    after reinstall Windows 7

    never I use again IDM

    jDownloader is good, use java but is ok.

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  40. Tsubatsa says:

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  62. Christo Chiramukhathu says:

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    It shows only 5 days remain for expiration.

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    • Rohit Langde says:

      Mail me the screenshot of expiration date. I will send you another key with 1 year validity.

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