Kaspersky PURE: Ultimate Home network protection suite Review & Download

Personally, I am a big fan of Kaspersky products, PURE is the newest product from Kaspersky labs. It seems Antivirus manufacturer has gone several steps further than it’s previous Home products. Kapersky PURE is a an effort to offer complete all around protection for a Home network with new components along with traditional modules.

kaspersky PURE download

Features and Components

Kaspersky PURE not only includes the traditional components such as anti-virus, anti-spam and malware protection but also built-in backup solution to ensure that system recovers from any damage, an encryption module and a central management of all systems in the home network. Along with these, PURE offers its own password manager and a virtual keyboard used for secure online banking and shopping on the net.

kaspersky PURE download

Similar to Kaspersky Internet Security and Antivirus with which you can monitor entire network operations, it is a combination of both with some extra features, PURE Protection Center provides a virus-and spam-free work and shows all found threats.

If PURE is installed on multiple computers on your home network, you can centrally manage all systems in the network. This includes the start of backups, the search for viruses, update the virus signatures and configure the parental controls. What impressed me most is that virus signatures can be passed on to other computer systems in the network.

Conclusion: Kaspersky PURE offers a complete protection package that combines the functions of traditional security suites and beyond. Through the easy to use and understanding interface, all features and components are used quickly. The integrated safety function is centrally managed. The built in encryption component is another innovative feature included in Security suite.

Download Kaspersky PURE latest version Free


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  1. If you dont frequently update your antivirus definitions, there could be a problem. So, even if you buy one of the best programs out there, you should ensure that you are updating your antivirus frequently.

  2. hadie says:

    is this version can be used with 2010 key? did they offer their 2010 customer with this upgrade or we have to buy a new one?

  3. Mehul says:

    Is this Better Than KasperskyInternetSecurity 2010???????

  4. sand says:

    yes it is better than kis. i think it will surpass norton 360

  5. Sush says:

    I have KIS 2009 and my license is due to expire in a week’s time. How can I renew my license and do u think it is better that I buy Kaspersky Pure instead of renewing the earlier KIS? Is renewing license cheaper than buying a new one?

  6. Meon says:

    Any free activation key out for pure yet?? I need free key not trial as I can’t purchase the license for now.


  7. onidj says:

    no need for keys when u can bypass trial version and set it for ten years 🙂

    • docsaw says:

      to onidj:
      AS YOU STATED: “no need for keys when u can bypass trial version and set it for ten years”

      How would you go about doing that?

  8. rahul says:

    to onidj
    “no need for keys when u can bypass trial version and set it for ten years”

    how will u update ur program…? they will blacklist u when u try to update…they dont give offline updaters?

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