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I’ve come up again with this online application called as GorillaSpot which is a cool Video editor available online. The two important things about this application which caught my eyes are:

1) To edit videos online in a way quite simple. You do not need advanced knowledge to include sound effects, transitions, music and video tracks.
2) Allows fans to create movie trailers and video creation contests that will appear on the front page of the site.

GorillaSpot is an application with which you can mix your videos making personalized version. Today I present the possibility of creating a trailer for the forthcoming film by Tim Burton Sweeney Todd in the possibilities of using the tool in question.
Although it is not yet free so you can mix your home videos, you can receive email between for the past challenges available.


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  1. I feel there can be a lot more that can be put into this article. Needing a following blog post about the same subject.

  2. Cecile says:

    How were you able to access and use GorillaSpot?
    They make it seem like you have to contact them first to be able to use it, but then they don’t reply!!

  3. Outstanding information it is without doubt. My boss has been looking for this content.

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