How to Print Date and Time Stamp on Photos | Photo Date Stamp Freeware

When Photos are Printed, you may want to know the Date and Time it was taken rather than finding it on Hard Drive and locating in EXIF Data. Better, print Date and Time Stamp on Photos so you are no more in confusion while viewing Photo Album.

Y.A. Photos Date Stamper is a Freeware which can print date stamp on Photos. You can choose font and color of your choice to watermark dates on Photos.



Print Date Stamp on Photos

Working is simple- Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the origin Folder where pictures are placed to be stamped.
  2. Select the Output Folder where processed picture will be placed.
  3. Select Font and Color
  4. Select Date Stamp Format. It may / may not include Time Stamp.
  5. Click on Date It! and you are done. (You may preview before processing)

Print Date Stamp on Photos

It is clear that Photos Date Stamper is handy tool which can add Date watermark to old Photos in batch mode.

Download Y A Photos Date Stamper


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  1. Dr Nitin says:

    This is a small great utility.
    Although there are many programs that can do this (For Ex Irfanview) I like this standalone utility.
    Thanks again
    Dr Nitin

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