Recover and Copy Audio and Videos from Damaged Scratched CD DVDs

We know that CD’s and DVDs don’t lasts long and damages / scratches makes recovering data from them nearly impossible if we try to copy using Windows native functions.

This is irritating if we have our Photos and Video memories stored in optical Disks and not accessible after years due to scratches. Fortunately, we have a special program called Get My Videos Back which can copy and save Videos and Audio files from Scratched CDs and DVDs.

Recover Videos from Scartched DVD

Get Back My Videos, in fact, is nothing but a freeware, portable, open source nature and specific to Windows OS. That Came into action, It Allows users data recovery Allocated on a CD, DVD and other types of optical media , Provided, However, That Whether audio or video file , These are the only files on the Which tool is Able to act.

Unfortunately, right now, Get Back My Videos can operate on a single media at a time (Well, Something is Better Than Nothing!) And, it also featured to copy bytes found and skip errors found.

You can customize speed of the recovery process and the elapsed time, then Which Allows the user to the Obtain an overall process.

Download Get My Videos Back ( 353 KB )


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  1. Anish KS says:

    Thanks Rohit, i have tried lot of such software’s. but not succeed yet 🙁 .

  2. Enjoy Life says:

    Nice Idea!
    I’ve downloaded it and will try it soon.
    If it works well, it’ll be a very useful piece of software.

    ~ Rory

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