How to Remove Credit Card from Android Market

Having an Android Smart Phone and Credit Card will make you fall in temptation of buying Premium Apps or Top Paid Games from Android Market. But what if you want to remove Credit Card from Android Market and delete association with Google Checkout.

Google Android Market and Checkout doesn’t offer a clear option to remove Credit Card from your account and opt out from future purchases. Though, there is a way to do it by following step by step procedure on How to Remove Credit Card from Android Market.

  • Connect to the Web site Google Checkout ;
  • Log in with your Google Account;
  • Click the Edit payment methods placed in the sidebar on the left;
  • Click on Delete placed in the left sidebar.

remove credit-card from Android Market

At this point, you have completely removed Credit Card from Android Market. You will no longer be able to make purchases unless you add a new Credit card or add the same one (in case you change your mind).

To add new Credit Card in Android Market, Click on Install button of App which you want to purchase and it will take you to Google Checkout Form. Here, you can proceed adding new card and start purchasing.


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