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A regular Googler (like me) knows that when Google Images search query is executed, On the Image results page, Thumbnails are shown. Clicking on thumbnail will take you to reference site even though you are interested to see Full size Image. But, it is now possible to see and download the Full size, High quality image bypassing the visit to reference website.

Like most of the times, Firefox addon comes to the rescue and this time it’s name is Google Image Help. When you are on Google Image search results page, right click on the image you want to view in Full resolution and select “Open Full size Google Image

open full size google image

Yet another productivity toll which saved your time visiting the source website where image is hosted. One thing, I didn’t like about this addon is Useless presence. Yes, it sits in the status bar when there is no need and the option remains in right click menu of Firefox no matter where you are. Developer should make it available just for Google Search images.

Developer is a youngster from IIT Bombay, India. Probably a newbie but I hope he will take these suggestions into consideration and release an updated addon. If you are a GreaseMonkey user then there is a script called “Google Images Full” which does the same thing without installing addon.

Download Image Help Addon

via Cnet


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  1. this addon should let us skip some pages which we used to do traditionally

  2. Tech Sputter says:

    Really a cool article man, now i know the trick 🙂 🙂

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