How to Setup Pennytel Free Calls India on Desktop and Mobile Nimbuzz

Recently Rohit share a wonderful promotional offer from Pennytel. This offer gives us ability to call anybody all over India Free and few more places outside India. Yes, Free Calling and this can be done from both PCs and mobile phones.

Here is how this can be done. We can divide this in three parts:

1.       Register yourself on Pennytel

2.       Setup For PCs

3.       Setup For Mobile Phones

Register yourself on Pennytel:

1.       Here is how you can register for your Pennytel’s offering 10 million minutes of free calling. (Click Here)

2.       Once your register you will receive an email with your PennyTel Phone Number/Username and Password.

3.       This is it congrats now you have 10 million free calling minutes.

How to make free calls for PC with PennyTel

1.       First of all you need to download Nimbuzz (Click Here)

2.       Install this and sign in if you have a Nimbuzz account or register for it, don’t worry its free too.

3.       Once the nimbuzz is setup and running, go to Tools > Options > Call service

4.       Here select “SIP Provider”

5.       Then select “Other” in “Provider”

6.       Username and password will be your PennyTel Phone Number/Username and Password which u received in the email.

7.       Domain and Proxy both are the same

8.       Then click “Connect”

9.       Click “Done”

10.   Now you can see a tab “Keypad” at the bottom of the Nimbuzz Main Window

11.   Now Delete any number you see there in the text box

12.   And dial the number you want to make call to but with +91 for Indian phone number.

There you go, Hello!!!

How to make free calls for Mobile Phone

Here I am considering my Nokia N8 that is a Symbain phone but Nimbuzz is available for all most all phones.

1.       Download and install Nimbuzz for your phone form here.

2.       Install this and sign in if you have a nimbuzz account or register for it, don’t worry its free too.

3.       Once Nimbuzz is Installed and running go to Options > Settings > SIP providers > Other

4.       There you can see Username, Password and Proxy server

5.       Username will be like this where X is the PennyTel Phone Number/Username

6.       Password will be PennyTel Password

7.       Proxy server will be

8.       Click “Save” then “OK”

9.       Now click “Back” and select “VoIP provider settings”

10.   Here Select “SIP” in VoIP Provider and click “Back” again “Back”

11.   Now from the top third tab you can see the dialer

12.   Dial the number you want to call but with country code in front for example +91 for India and then the phone number.

All Done!! Enjoy!! 🙂


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  1. Mayank says:

    But Using Nimbuzz On Phone Will Charge Us Internet Rates..
    Or Is It Totally Free?
    Plz Tell.

  2. Jsol says:

    “your account balance is insufficient..” tried through softphone, nimbuzz through iphone, nimbuzz through pc, pennytel iphone app and fring iphone app, no longer works.

  3. Jsol says:

    perhaps it had limited suscriptions or something like that, sucks though

  4. Vikash says:

    Hiiii Rohit
    How to use this in Desktop???
    I completed all the steps as told but when i am calling
    i get only the beep sound and it disconnects
    How to solve the problem??

  5. sandeep says:

    i have done all the steps provided above for desktop.
    but when iam trying to call sumone iget only the beep sound.
    pls help me….

  6. Ayushmaan says:

    Thanx Dude for the tutorial but there is a problem,i tried all the steps 1 by 1 correctly but when i try to open the Nimbuzz in my Vista desktop it opens and log outs automatically.Why?
    Pls help me to find out whats wrong with it.

  7. mehul patel says:

    i think offer might over, bcoz frm today i.e 15 dec 2010 evening i am getting message that ur balance is insufficient. so offere may over .

  8. nitin says:

    saying:: we r not connected with one of the VOIP providers…

  9. Vikas says:

    Rohit, please answer the above problems, then i’ll try too.

  10. Aman says:

    Hi, Aman here.. after tried all the steps 1 by 1 correctly and trying to call sumone iget only the beep sound.
    pls help me….

  11. Rohit Langde says:

    Hi all, The promotion of 10 million free minutes went viral. Though it was for only existing customers, they did allow some registrations earlier but soon, as the number of sign-ups increased they stopped sending confirmation mails.

    If you try to manage get in somehow, 10M Minutes is shown in balance but fails to connect sometimes.

    This tutorial was tried and tested and went successful at the time of writing. We didn’t had any idea that it will go this way.

    Well, the offer is valid till 7th January, give it a shot in between and luckily it may start working again.

  12. Chetan says:

    Even check out

    Enter two phone numbers and they will be connected 🙂

  13. Ajit says:

    I use Nokia 6233 S40 mobile
    I was do all steps But SIP setting option is not available in nimbuzz.
    Can other option is available.

  14. shivaa says:

    it possible to call from kuwait to india

  15. Mahesh says:

    We have to add some credit to our PennyTel account to start using million free minutes !

  16. ron says:

    i do all by step by step but not working

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