Show Current Music Track on Gtalk in WMP 12, Windows 7

Google Talk or gTalk chat application has a feature to show currently playing Music track on Windows Media player as you Status. On Windows Xp, it runs without problem but even since I upgraded to Windows 7, GTalk doesn’t update status on change of Music track on Windows Media Player 12.

It was a very small thing but I was unable to make it work. Actually there was no Google Talk Music Plugin for WMP 12 installed on Windows 7 system. So, Follow the steps given to start showing the name of song you are listening as Gtalk status:

Uninstall Google Talk.
Click Download Google Talk client near the bottom of the page.
Save the installation file to your desktop.
5. Right-click the installation file (googletalk-setup.exe) on your desktop and select Run as administrator.
6. Follow the instructions to install Talk

gtalk-music track status

Still not working?

  • Run Windows Media Player.
  • Then go to Tools and then options.
  • Click on the Plug-ins tab and select Background category in it.
  • Now check the option of “Google Talk music plug-in” on the right side.
  • Then Apply and exit.

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  1. Ruchi says:

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial , it was really useful .

  2. ajay says:

    Thanx yaar!!
    It’s works.


  3. MostlyBlog says:

    wow it’s working on my windows vista thanks for sharing, i am searching for this information on Google and got your blog

  4. shanky says:

    thanks man……….it was really helpful!!!!

  5. Ricky says:

    Really helpful ……..Cheers.!!!!!!!!

  6. gaurav says:

    nopes… its not working…
    i followed the steps….
    but still in plugins -> background its not showing the option of google talk

  7. moe net says:

    thanks a lot
    i can’t do current music track at gtalk at window 7
    before i see ur suggestion
    now i am ok !

  8. Sanaaya says:


  9. Ratheesh says:

    Yea its working fine in my windows7, but i am facing same issue in winamp can u help me ?

  10. Vaishnavi says:

    hey thanksss yaar

  11. Annu says:

    Yes! Nice thanks for sharing…….
    After installing as a admin plugin option shown in win media player…. I am worried abt 7
    but it’s working fine.

  12. Ankur says:

    hey thankx Rohit Langde,
    this blog is very useful to all user who want more about any problem about windows software.

  13. Dharmendra says:

    thanx it’s working……….:)

  14. Acme says:

    Plz,help me.
    There’s no “google talk plug-in check box” at the background of plug-in option.
    How should I slove to work show current musics track?

  15. wini says:

    Thank you sooo much…..i have been struggling for this status to work for past many days…..moreover I have windows 7……but this time it really worked 🙂

  16. april says:

    thanks man.. it’s works

  17. Ankur Moulik says:

    Thank you so much.Your tutorial was really very helpful.

  18. Pradeep says:

    Hey Its work fine, thanks a ton!!!

  19. vishal says:

    plz , any1 send me d link for wmp12……
    i also wann to current music track in gtalk..

  20. Siddhant Jain says:

    man… i followed all the steps… the gtalk plugin box appeared and i checked it… but still… my status is not being updated… there’s no solution for dis in any of the discussions… what do i do!!??

  21. krishna says:

    thank you….

  22. raja says:

    thanks yaar……it really works 🙂

  23. ohnsaw says:

    nopes… its not working…
    i followed the steps….
    but still in plugins -> background its not showing the option of google talk

  24. Anurag says:

    It worked for me too…… Thanks dude… 🙂

  25. shweta says:

    Worked for me. For those whose Gtalk plugin checkbox option is not available under plugins, run as administrator, while installing setup.

  26. Anil Batham says:

    To get the Google Talk now playing plug-in working, you have to uninstall your current Google Talk client (unless you’re starting from scratch) and close Windows Media Player 12. Next, download the Google Talk installer, right-click it in Windows Explorer and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. If you don’t do this, the Google Talk setup won’t install the functionality required by this plug-in. Don’t really know why the Google Talk setup doesn’t show an UAC prompt in the first place and it doesn’t install the plug-in properly.

    After installation, you should see the plug-in under the background category in your Windows Media Player 12 plug-ins options window. It’ll be enabled by default. Once it is, you can choose ‘Show current music track’ as your status message and everyone will know what you’re jammin’ to.

  27. Swapnil says:

    Thanks buddy! Wonderful tutorial. Setup just needed to run as administrator 🙂 and done!

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