Twitter DM [Direct Message] Bulk Deleter

Twitter doesn’t allow you to delete multiple DMs [Direct Messages] at once. If you are continuing to delete those messages on regular basis after reading then its okay but if you are lazy like me then there may be a heap of DM in your account. Deleting DMs one by one is a hectic task and so there should be something to delete bulk DM in twitter.

twitter dm deleter

ToThePC lab has created a tiny tool called “Twitter DM Deleter” which can access Direct Messages or DMs (Sent or Received) from your Twitter account. Installation is not required, its a portable tool. Working is very easy, Just enter your Twitter username and Password authenticate this application and a window will appear showing all your DMs.

My Verdict: You can delete all or multiple selection of DMs with just one click. A very useful tool if you have big number of DMs, can prove be a great Time Saver.

Download: Twitter DM Deleter




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  1. Suhasini says:

    We were looking to have a tool like this as we get loads of message everyday, thanks for sharing and again a ripper from you.

  2. mindy says:

    1 more great post from you. wow you got a lot visitors hereOK. Bless you on your mission.

  3. Ben Kevin says:

    You can use TweetTwain to delete all of your direct messages. This tool supports multiple accounts as well. Get it from

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