How to update Quick Heal 2010 online

Updating Quick Heal Total Security 2010 Virus definitions is quite simple. At the moment, there is no official link to download offline update archive for quick heal antivirus 2010 and other quick heal 2010 products.

As of now, Only Automatic update is working which requires Internet connection. So, here we go step by step on How to force update Quick heal Total Security 2010 using Internet connection.

Click on Update Now

Downloading of new Virus definitions will start and wait for few minutes to complete it.

Then, you will see that Quick Heal Total Security 2010 is successfully updated.

Offline Updates will also be published soon so, Keep visiting and subscribe RSS and get emails to stay updated for offline virus definitions for Quick Heal 2010 products.

Check Quick Heal Total Security 2010 offline updates

Thanks to our reader Vikash Kumar for the tip.


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  1. krishna says:

    i want scanres.dll ,scanchk.datand scanner.exe from installed quickheal directory with registered version

  2. K.N.AGRAWAL says:

    quick heal is more effective antivirus

  3. yusro says:

    I have installed Quick Heald Total Security 10 Ver 11.00. (Trial Version)

    Can I update offline? How?

  4. yusro says:

    I have downloaded and,how to install its?


  5. Jignesh says:

    Dear Rohit,

    I have updated the quickheal total security but i cant update it for second time. the massege is coming like that registration required to do update

    plz give me a solution for that

  6. chibanyo says:

    Dear Rohit,

    I have installed Quick Heal Total Security 2010. Please inform me how to update.

  7. chibanyo says:

    I’ve re-installed quick heal total security, and want to up date. And I have and But I can not copy paste that.
    Please inform me. Thx

  8. Sachin says:

    Downloading updates….hope it works

  9. shahid khan says:

    i wanna just quick heal defination updates for feb 2010

    plssssssss do hurry

  10. Yash says:

    wt is socks5 rohit ? it dosent allow me 2 update… having qh total security 2008…..pls reply…..dude u created a great site…keep rocking

  11. Navjot says:

    Guys u have to unzip ur zip file like from any software(winzip etc.)then u got 5 or 6 file. see the properties of those file and keep in ur mind the maximum size file.
    Now go to quick heal Total security then Update Now, it will ask from net or from specify location, select specify location where u unzip ur all files and select the maximum size file from there. Then next and ur QuicK Heal Total security will Update Dear.
    Enjoy Friends πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. sajan says:

    how long it will be take update ? 1 month or 1 year ?

  13. sajan says:

    i mean update till ????????????

  14. Ginesh says:

    i want scanres.dll ,scanchk.dat and scanner.exe from installed quickheal directory with registered version
    send on

  15. abhishek says:

    sir , my pc is virus added to your quick heal update 2010 for my pc .

  16. satyam says:

    dear rohit,
    i have downloaded quickheal zip folders updates , now how 2 use

  17. manoj says:

    yes i need it for my slow internt conect please say me what i do.

  18. NIHAR says:

    Please, Share the working serial number to download the update from Quick Heal’s site.

    If anyone have the original then the same serial number will able to help everybody (Legally) for the Update.


  20. Omprakash Rathor says:

    I have already uses the quick heal registered version 11.00 .when ever click on quick heal total security 2010 “update now ” then the message showing on the screen “unable to detect internet connection – if you are on network using SOCKS5/firewall then please provide necessary authentication information in settings of quick update. Would you like to try again? Retry or cancel “

  21. RAJAT KUKKAR says:


  22. Mr Virendra Singh says:

    Sir I have a Quick Heal Total Security 2010 version 11 and I Register my Anti Virus but that is not updating without ner support so please tell us how I update my pc ofline.

  23. jb says:

    hi can you help me people i’m a problem to register online quich heal 2011.after installation i wanted to register and they said i’m not connected but when i checked i am conncted.i even off the windows firewall but nothing happen.please what should do help me….

  24. sandy says:

    Mr . Virendra singh You can download update from quick heal site & manually update it its simple

  25. harpal says:

    i have quickheal total security 2009 ver.10.00. i have cracked the same. after getting cracked I have download the virus definition from download center once and updated to date Feb 2010. The next time when I try to update it says :”your internet connection disconnected from remote side check your internet connection and try again ” I could not understand that why this is happening again & again. can somebody solve this problem

  26. pradhumna says:

    my quick heal internet security 2010 has does’nt update i even tried reinstalling it but now i am having trouble to register it says : ” unable to detect internet, if you are on network using SOCKS5/Firewall then please provide authentication information in Settings of Quick Update
    Why is this happening this

  27. biswajit pal says:

    I am using since one year, now i was going to reactivate my quickheal internet security,but i am having problem. the old version was not uninstall,and new version cd icannot installed. I facing problem.What to do!

  28. Monish says:

    i have quick heal 2010. same old problem, not connected to the internet. wats d socs5 network?? how to update online?? please help!!:(

  29. turner shahi says:

    WHEN i update my quick healpro 2011antivirus program then i will see a window that say ,
    β€œunable to detect internet connection

    if you are using SOCKS5/Firewall
    then please provide necessary authentication
    information in setting of quick update

  30. Avadhut Koparde says:

    The link “Quick Heal Total Security 2010 offline updates” is now not working.
    After clicking the link now it’s showing 404 page not found error.
    Can you please start sharing Quickheal 2010 offline updates again.

    • Rohit Langde says:

      Thanks for notifying me about the error. You can now download Quick Heal Updates from same link.
      I have corrected the problem. Thanks and Keep visiting.

  31. Avadhut Koparde says:

    Thanks for the fix!!

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