Hide Files on USB and Lock with Password

Many USB brings an integrated software to manage and carry out various activities, many times this software allows us to protect our memory with a password. Unfortunately there are not many brands that offer this type of memories. But we have a more effective solution called USB Flash Security.

This application is responsible for hiding the files from your memory and protect with a password. For this, the application creates two partitions, one where your files are saved and very little for your password. When you insert your pendrive will need to enter password to view your files. Its use is easy, just install this program on your memory but before that, save the files that already have been eliminated because the facility to make way for the creation of the above two partitions.


Although the program has just been launched in its new version has some incompatibilities with Windows Vista, such as is necessary to close the browser before installing the program but in near future, versions are expected to five better compatibility. It’s free and compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Download USB Flash Security

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  1. Anish K.S says:

    Thanks dude, will check it

  2. Poly says:

    I Like Your post i found it very useful.All the useful information provided by you in this post
    sounds very secure.Now a days data security is very important fact.For data security
    USB Security has Become other important factor.
    Great Work.
    -Thanks for Posting.

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