What Fanboys think about other Operating systems?

It has been a long time since, I have posted something in Fun on Web. Today, I came across a funny image on a blog which shows interpretation by fanboys about other Operating systems. Like What image does a Windows Fanboy have in his mind about other OS say Mac OS X or Linux (which he may not have used personally) So, let’s have a look at it:

I am not a fanboy but as I have only used Windows so, I definitely think what it is shown in the image. For me, Mac is a thing of more show-off and magnificent looks and onthe contrary, I fear using Linux becuase I think- it needs knowledge of coding and commands even for playing a song 🙂

So, Which Fanboy are you?

via: Global nerdy


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  1. Tushar Dhara says:

    nice post,
    we used for gaming windows and other than that use Linux.

  2. meanpt says:

    Still dont use Mac Os because dont know hot to install it in a a amd turion 64 x2 machine. And I don’t share your opinion about Mac Os.

    I do use Windows as my native and base os, as well as linux in everything that implies using internet. I Like and use most Mandriva and Slitaz. Also run tinycore when have to use an very low resources alien computer.The other two linuxes are ran from virtualbox portable.

  3. Leo says:

    Have tried all 3 of them.
    1. Linux is good, but i don’t understand how it works. Confusing. Need more knowledge to use this.
    2. Mac? It’s true. More to a show-off. But i get everything i need, done using Mac. With fun.
    3. Windows. The most usable OS around. I play games on Windows. But everyone knows it’s a crap. Except for Windows fanboys.

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