Windows & OS X conversation about Google Chrome OS

The announcement by Google of launching their own Chrome Operating system is creating waves of excitement even though we know virtually nothing! But what does existing competitors have to say about it?

Nobody knows about the thoughts of two major players Windows and Mac OS X in this panorama about this launch of new Operating system. But, the comic genius JoyOfTech has published a funny humorous conversation between Microsoft and Apple about Google Chrome OS launch.

It’s funny to know that Are they Worried and scared about the World getting dominated by Google.

Funny comic conversation of Mac and Windows

Funny comic conversation of Mac and Windows


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  1. Ramkumar says:

    Nice post Rohit, But Im a lover of MacOS , Chrome cannot take over Windows or Mac, the only reason Chrome is buzzed around is because its a product of Google.

    BTW Im visiting your site after a long time, Nice theme mate, looks good.

  2. Cyber Tips says:

    Hahhaha.. nice onee.. !!

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