Decorate Windows 7 themes with mythical Windows Plus! for Windows 98

Plus! for Windows 7

Plus! for Windows 7

Probably, the most often draw attention when you install an operating system is its appearance. More than anything because it’s the first thing you see with the naked eye and even more beautiful if we call attention.

Few years ago when Windows 98 was what used to be installed on computers, took out a package called Microsoft Plus! which included a series of visual themes. Well, Manan who liked to go back to old memories decided to modify it in order to install Windows 7.

This, to most people sounds like madness, but for the curious and those who want to relive the old days sure do not stop even a second to download. Topics include everything including the original mouse cursors, sounds, icons, wallpapers and more.

If you are willing to install it, Manan in his post has written about how can you change/customize Windows 7 to get back to those good old days.


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