Tweet YouTube videos on Twitter with Youtube Tweeter

Youtube videos on Twitter

Youtube videos on Twitter

YouTubeTweeter is a web service that will allow us to publish those videos on Twitter, in standard or HD-quality that we have interested and want to show.  Clear that instead of just posting the link here in a tweeter that will be to embed the video within it, so that from there you can see.

YouTubeTweeter is easy to use and only requires us to go to their website and entering our Twitter ID there. Then paste the URL of the video from YouTube that we share, and then generates a “preview” which will be our Tweet and video embedded in it.

To send it, we have only to click on “Tweet it now” and you will be directed to login to Twitter to enter and authorize publication. Sure, what slows everything is a little being directed to login to Twitter, but it YouTubeTweeter developers have done well to avoid having to apply them to our data we enter them, something that many people often prefer to avoid.



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