10 Interesting Gmail Labs Features

Google has always been known for launching some of its projects on April Fools day to play a prank on its users. It is in the same way Gmail was launched too. But from Gmail paper to present day Gmail, the mail service from Google has come a long way.

And if you are a Gmail user, you might have heard the “Labs” feature for sure. The Gmail Labs feature as defined by Google is a testing ground for some crazy experimental features. Crazy or not, some of the features under Gmail Labs do enhance the user experience.

In this article, we at Blogsolute list out the 10 Gmail Labs feature that enhance user experience. The features can be found under Gmail Settings > Labs. You can choose to Enable or disable the features. So here we go.

1) Mail Goggles: Ever reconsidered why you sent a certain mail in a fit of rage. Well Mail Goggles is here to prevent it. A set of math calculations whose difficulty level can be varied will be presented to the user before he sends the Click Button. Well , who knows the problems can change the user’s mind.

Mail Goggles

2) Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Set up your own keyboard shortcuts for certain actions like Compose mail, Delete mail and become a Keyboard Ninja.

Custom Keyboard

3) Mouse Gestures: An Interesting features that lets you browse through your mails by Mouse gestures. Open a mail, Hold on the Right Click key for 3 seconds and then Move your mouse right to go to next mail, left for previous mail. Up for going back to the Inbox.

Mouse Gestures

4) Message Translation: As the name suggests, Write anything in English Language and then convert it to any regional languages like Hindi, Malayalam and Marathi etc. So now no more memorizing the keys for other regional languages typing. Just write the equivalent sounding word in English and off you go …. For ex. the word “MEY” (I) can be written by writing MEY in English.


5) Offline: Access your Gmail offline anytime. We at Blog solute had covered this feature a few months back.


6) Pictures in Chat: On a Low Bandwidth, Gmail’s chat is of utmost importance. This Lab feature allows you to see your friend’s profile picture while you chat with them.

Picture chat

7) Previews: There are certain previews Labs features like Youtube Preview, Picasa Previews, Flickr Previews. So the next time you receive a video or a Picasa Invite, you can preview it right from your mailbox.


8 ) Superstar: Some messages are important / special for us. We distinguish them by “starring” (adding a star) to them. This feature will add additional stars, bangs with different color. You can search mail by using the term “has:red-bang” for a mail starred with a red-bang without the quotes.

superstars gmail lab

9) Undo-Send: Sent the mail without composing or was there any glitch you noticed after pressing the Send Button?? , Do not sweat, The Undo-send lets you enable a feature where in you can “Undo-send” the mail you sent. Although the Undo-send button appears for a 5 or 10 seconds, it is enough for that quick reaction.

Undo Send

10) Vacation Time: Out on a Vacation with no connection to the Virtual World?? With the Labs Vacation Time feature, every incoming mail will be sent an automated reply. Fill in the message, enter the vacation dates and leave it all to Gmail Labs Features.

Vacation Gmail labs

Note: All the features once enabled will have some extra settings to tweak. You can change the settings at Gmail Settings > General Settings.

There are a few other interesting Labs features to try out. Do check it out and leave your comments on which features you liked the most.

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Ashfaq khan sense - August 23, 2009

Mr. Rohit can you tell me how to mail images from gmail account without using attachment.

Karthik Ragubathy - August 23, 2009

Mr Ashfaq Khan

Welcome to the site .

To send images without attatching to the mail , you can do the following steps

1) Enable a Labs feature by the name “Inserting Images” . It will let you insert images in the body by uploading the file or by inserting the URL.

2) You can either use Flickr or Picassa to upload your pic and then send to your friend

But the first option is the more preferred one

Hope this helped , Thanks 🙂

Rosalind Panama - February 4, 2010

I Will have to come back again when my class load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

free Habbo credits - December 19, 2010

There is a great share of your knowledge in the field in this post. I am in love with your blog so far. I’ve added you to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will continue reading your work. I did have a loading speed problem with how fast this page loaded. Might be an issue to optimize.


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