Allow or Block any Program from Windows Firewall with Right Click Menu

Firewall acts a barrier between computer system and Internet connection. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to add or remove some program from Firewall rules list. These rules state if certain program is allowed to make communication or access Network connection.

Sometimes, Firewall may mistakenly block some genuine software program but you want to allow it. In other scenario, it is possible that you want to block or restrict some program’s access because you think it is malicious.

In both cases, one has to add a rule manually to Firewall and that is not easy for everyone. We, at Blogsolute strives to make things easier and accomplish them in smarter way.

Here, I present a small tool which can add or block any program to Windows firewall from right click menu of that program.

Right Click Firewall Allow Block Menu

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Extract the archive and open Right_Click_Options.exe and click on “Add Right Click Menu”.

Allow Block Windows Firewall

From now on, there will be a new option whenever you right click on an executable file (EXE) called “Windows Firewall”. Just select from the available options which lets you Allow or Block that program from Windows Firewall list.

It should be noted that multiple EXE files could be selected at once to allow or block from Firewall.

If there was already a rule added about the Windows program you are trying to add, this tool will remove any existing rule and create new one. This prevents conflict and other problems.

And just for those users who like to keep things clean, there is also an option to Remove all rules for a program from the firewall. This is useful in case if you are uninstalling a program and do not need rules anymore.

To Uninstall this tool and remove option from Right click Menu, just have to open Right_Click_Options.exe and click on “Remove Right Click Menu” option.

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christo chiramukhathu - January 31, 2014

When I tried to down, it cautions the presence of a malware/virus and download automatically stopped..
File details : Win32:Evo-gen(Susp)

    Rohit Langde - January 31, 2014

    Hi Christo, Are you using Avast?

    Avast is said to be detecting a program which makes changes into registry as potential malware but actually these are not always malicious in nature.
    You may please refer to this article: for more information.

    I tested it on system running BitDefender and there were no issues as such.


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