Five Benefits of Using A Website Builder

A website builder presents many benefits for its users–whether you’re trying to start a simple blog or launch your first eCommerce shop. But to truly reap the benefits, it’s important to understand what a website builder is. Website builders are programs that allow users to easily create sites, usually via a drag-and-drop building interface. For example, normally you’d have to go into the back-end of a site, create a bit of text, and work your way around adding that text to the front-end without compromising the quality of  layout. With a website builder, you can do everything in one sitting with just a few clicks.

Building a website is no easy feat. It requires a serious commitment, especially if you plan to monetize your site. Your website is the face of your brand, and consumers will make quick judgements about its validity based solely on appearance. The majority of consumers expect businesses to have a website. And today’s businesses can’t afford to waste time when it comes to site building. After all, it takes about 50 milliseconds just to form an opinion about a website. With that in mind, here are a few benefits of using a website builder:

Low Learning Curve

One of the biggest appeals of website builders is that they have a very low learning curve. You can forget about having to alter code, install plugins and widgets, and tinker with your back-end until it’s perfect. Website builders are inherently intuitive. We’ve mentioned drag and drop interface, but the strength of this feature alone is enough to speak for every benefit of a website builder.

For example, you’d simply click the text tool to place text on any part of the webpage you desire. This takes a few seconds, and though most website builders come with extensive support and FAQs, it helps to work with a system that’s easy to understand with minimal effort. It will also minimize the amount of errors made while creating a site. You can see any errors in visual appearance in real-time, and the visual editor makes it easy to accidentally publish mistakes.

Save Plenty of Time

Website builders cut building dramatically. Because they are so simple to use, much of the guesswork is removed. With a traditional website, there’s a lot of manual work and quality assurance testing that goes on. You can never be too sure how certain elements of a post or page work with others, and it could easily take five times longer trying to figure it out.

As previously mentioned, because of the low learning curve, there’s also less of a need to hire a web designer or agency. While there are certainly pros to outsourcing your design tasks, it also costs a decent chunk of money. And when you’re just starting out and have no traction yet, it’s important to stay lean and scalable.

Pre-Made Templates

There’s nothing like a solid website template to get you up and running quickly. Website builders come equipped with plenty of pre-made templates for you to choose from, eliminating the need to build the perfect solution from scratch. Choose from hundreds of options based on your aesthetic and brand preferences. Typically, they are categorized based on type. For example, one category might be “online portfolio” while another category would be “lifestyle blog.” These templates are completely customizable, which make it simple to adjust an out-the-box website to your liking.

Different Types of Website Builders

There are multiple ways to take advantage of the benefits of website builders. Most hosting companies, such as Hostgator, will provide their own proprietary website builders to customers. Additionally, platforms like WordPress and Shopify also have plugin and application options to add to the core website building capabilities.

While the later adds more time and requires slightly more tech knowledge, they are generally fairly simple to implement in your site. This is because you’ll have to manually install and upload applications, and can never be too sure how it will react to your current settings. Then, there are standalone website building companies like Weebly and Wix, which offer less than the full-fledged options previously mentioned, but can be great solutions for site creators that don’t need all the bells and whistles. You can check this Wix review for more concrete details.

Forget About Code

Website builders streamline every aspect of the site creation process. You don’t need to learn a bit of code, or even understand the difference between technical terms. Programming jargon goes out the door, and leaves with you the bare bones, simple procedures behind building a site. This frees up time and energy to actually focus on how you want your site to look, and how you can take advantage of website builders to appeal to your target audience.

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