Top 5 Cloud Computing Pro Tips

Cloud computing can help the business to lower the operation cost, and it can run the IT infrastructure more efficiently. Have a virtual storage, firewall, intrusion detection and many more services that can benefit the company in many ways. It can also increase the performance and production of the business as well as the reliability and its security

4 types of categories that fall into the cloud computing services such as infrastructure as a service(IaaS), Platform as services(PaaS), Serverless computing and Software as services(SaaS). The client/business can choose their needed services and security. Cloud service can also offer online applications, stored backup-files test and build applications and many more. Not only the business can take advantage of it, even the ordinary people/user.

Technology was stabilized on the 20th century and it was improving day by day until it reaches where it is now. We know for sure that this is not the limit of the technology, it will improve and it will never end in improving.


In the security aspects of cloud computing, encryption is the basic and the most reliable security services of cloud. It creates virtual walls/protection for your infrastructure. Although some encryption solutions required an on-premise gateway encryption which does not work well in cloud big-data scenarios.

That’s why it is important to know what kind of services you need to for cloud as many services can offer. In the recent update for encryption, there is called split-key encryption are tailored specially to improve the cloud computing security to provide infrastructure solution while keeping the encryption keys safe and put the ease of business owner.

To maintain a reliable security, split-key encryption was made. While solution was made to maintain the best security, threats(black hat – bad hacker) is also evolving in unimaginable pace, where they can earn money through illegal thing or destroy the reputation of its competitor business for money. That’s why it is important for business/IT to have updates on technology trends like in (where they have the latest and updated trends in terms of technology).

You need to know about the law and security certificate

There are laws about storing data and it’s security for its client, in the US these include data privacy of information protected by the law. There are payment card which protects the safety of online transactions, HIPAA(security of data information of its patient which is a health insurance portability and accountability) and many more.

Regarding the security and compliance issues, any cloud providers and customer discuss and agreed regarding the liability of(getting, loss or shared information) that must be resolved by the provider(terms and agreement signed by both parties).

To determine how safe the cloud computing services. They must know the services and liability of the provider as for today there are many cloud services providers that can offer you services. The IT/Business owner must know the limit/what they are needed or targeted for using such services.

There are also standard security certificates that are very helpful to know what measures are undertaken to secure the host for its valuable data. Additional security that provider must have if they their client wants to secure the data(like HIPAA where their information must be kept safe and secure) the provider must have a firewall security, antivirus and the most important is the anti-intrusion detection.

Know and understand where your data and it’s resources

Provider of cloud services or host stored more than one customer’s data (depends on how their capacity is) stored in one server(shared), There are chances that other customer/user may view the data(if you have the same server). To prevent such happening, they came up with a solution as to handle sensitive information(user and password and it’s host URL) it includes in the cloud computing to isolate the proper information and logical storage segregation by the provider per client/customer.

Services like firewall and intrusion detection was included by the provider and data encryption to prevent any intrusion on the server. You also need to know where your data stored so when you terminate the services to your provider or change a provider(unsatisfied with your services), you know where data ism that’s why you need to have a dedicated server where it stored your data and it’s data flow for cloud computing services.


This is ignored most of the client, it may be a small deed or indeed(they trusted the provider) but it can make a big difference if you do testing and not. Testing the credibility and its security is important(in need if the data and information stored in the cloud is very crucial) to test the security and prevention for any intrusion to the server/system.

Hiring White Hackers(Infiltrate the system for testing or what we call good hacker) do testing for any scanning vulnerability scanning and assessments are important for a crucial data storing on cloud. If a white hacker easily penetrates the security(firewall and intrusion detections) means that the provider has weak security so you can decide to change provider as early as possible.

The white hacker can also point out the security weaknesses in computer system or your network and can advise you to change the security or upgrade if necessary before the (black hacker) can take advantage of it. It is really important to test not only the provider of cloud but also the company/client security network/system. Hackers can also get data within the company/clients network(if they cannot get any information on the cloud).


Cloud advantage is your file is very secure even if you lost your work(it always save up the cloud when the changes were made). Even when your hard drive was burned/broken or maybe lost, you can always retrieve your data. Some or most the client doesn’t want only one data stored, they can be more secure if they know they have at least one or two more backup aside from cloud.

The advantage of local backup is when you lost your internet(you cannot access the cloud and your data and if its a crucial moment when you needed it the most) at least you can retrieve it locally and still can access it, you can control the business more effectively as you can be sure that even when the internet is down, you can still retrieve and access your data.

Creating a local server is an effective way of data back-up or have an external drive to store your data(must be password protected). Although the cloud can save data automatically, it would not hurt the business/client to have one or two back-up on hand.


Cloud has many advantages and help business to protect its data and store it virtually, You can have unlimited storage and the ability to share and process information fast and reliable but it also has some issue where if you don’t have/lost internet connectivity, you cannot access or even get your data if you don’t have backup locally.

Client/Business owner can enjoy the full benefits of cloud but they also need to put it in their mind to have a local backup(server) to control their business more efficiently. Having cloud computing services and local server is the best setup for the business. The good side for cloud is the provider and the client share the same responsibility on protecting the data.

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