How to Download Torrents without a Torrent Client

Torrent(s) is a great way of file sharing. You can share files with others without uploading it to a server. Generally, a BitTorrent Client is required to download torrents. BitTorrent Clients such as: BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze etc. But if you are in an environment where torrents are blocked OR you want to download torrents with your download manager like: Internet Download Manager then this guide is for you. We will let you know How to Download torrents without a torrent client?

  • Go to your favourite torrent site. Torrentz, The Pirate Bay, Torrent Hound etc.
  • Search for the file you want to download.
Searching for File

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  • A list of search result will appear. Select your preferred one. More Seeders means more speed.
Select Torrent from Results

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  • Once you have selected the file, Right click on download link and copy the link address to your clipboard.
Saving Torrent Link

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  • Now go to and paste the link the box at the top of the page and click on Go.
ZBigz Go

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  • ZbigZ is a freemium service. Free service has limitations like: File Size only 1 GB, Speed upto 150 KBPS and file stored for only 7 days on their servers. If you want you can buy the premium subscription and enjoy premium features. For this tutorial, we’ll stick with Free.
Select Free Premium Prompt

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  • Once you select free, ZbigZ will start caching your file. The caching speed depends on the number of Seeders.
Caching Started ZbigZ

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  • Once the Caching process is completed then you will be able to Download your file. You can also stream video and audio files online.
Stream or Download

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  • Once you click on Download, it will again ask you to choose Free or Premium. Select Free again.
Select Free Prompt

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  • Your download will start automatically. If you have any download manager installed then select Download option to start downloading torrent. In case, you don’t have any download manager installed then your browser will start downloading the file.
Download Started

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  • The speed is limited to 150 KBPS for free users. You have to pay the price to get those premium features.
Downloading Breaking Bad

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  • Make sure you download the file before 7 days. Because it will be removed from their servers after 7 days.
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deepa - November 12, 2015

Very nice unique trick as i always think torrent files only download by torrent client but this is really new idea. And it will help me. Thanks

techlazy - January 16, 2016

Hi Bro,

This is great tip, truly helping me alot , because inside my company environment torrent is not allowed but now I can download torrent file easily.. thanks for share..

vicace - January 20, 2016

great article… this makes torrent download a lot easier

Suanlian - February 24, 2016

Thank you so so much !! very helpful, I dont want to install torrent client in my computer and this guide work perfect for me. Now I can even download movie in my office haha .

Vikash - April 3, 2016

Thanx for this srticle, this is very usefull for me. Thanx again

Sam - June 18, 2016

Thanx for sharing , nice article

Vijay - July 13, 2016

only 1 GB its less but have to try the trick first. Thanks buddy!


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