EaseUS Todo Backup Review

Malicious programs, power failures, corrupted data, faulty drives, there are just so many things that can make us lose our files. Keeping backups is a great precaution and an easy way to secure our files.But, creating backups manually can be a pain and managing a great number of backups at once manually, is an even bigger pain.

That is where backup programs come in and we’re taking a look at one of them today, it’s called EaseUS Todo Backup.

What is EaseUS Todo Backup

Todo backup is a backup program that makes backing up and restoring our files an easy process. It comes with a lot of features, packages, pricing options, and it’s easy enough to use even for someone who never had to backup a file in his life.

Highlight Features of EaseUS Todo Backup

  • Easy to install and use
  • Reliable and secure backup option
  • Windows 10 compatible


  • A wide variety of features and pricing options
  • System backup
  • The ability to copy a disk sector by sector
  • The ability to schedule backups
  • No reboot required to use it


  • No technical support for free users
  • Slower backup/restore speeds for free users

It’s time for an in-depth coverage of functionality, features and customer opinion about EaseUS Todo Backup

 User Interface And Usability


Todo backup was very easy to use with a plain and simple user interface. All of the tools are available on the left sidebar and upon creating a new backup task, all of the options that we have are visible on the upper part of the screen.

At this point, we’ll have to mention that the backup speeds are very impressive as a backup of 3 gigabytes that consisted of multiple small files, took a bit less than a minute to finish. Now of course, the backup/restore speeds will vary depending on your drive and computer.

Features Offered by EaseUS Todo Backup

So, let’s have a roundup on the major features offered by EaseUS Todo Backup

  • Disk/volume and system backup. The option to backup your entire drive or your system and restore it exactly to the state that it was when you performed the backup.
  • Files backup. You don’t necessarily have to backup your entire drive, you can also perform a backup of your important files only.
  • Incremental/differential backups with schedules. An incremental backup will only backup new files that you’ve added since your last backup, which could potentially save you a lot of time.

Keep in mind that those where only the most eye-catching/important features.

Packages And Pricing

Todo backup comes at three pricing options for home or business users and another three for those who have servers, are advanced users, or technicians.

The free version offers the slowest backup and restore speeds and offers no technical support. Other than the standard file backup options, there is also support for GTP and MBR disks, UEFI boot, WinPE, bootable disks, and a disk cloning/migration feature.

The home version offers everything that the free version does including faster backup/restore speeds, technical support, email notification, pre/post command, FTP offsite copy, exclude files from backup, event based scheduled backup, Outlook backup/recovery, and system transfer.

The workstation version offers everything that the home version did, including centralized management, the option to migrate your system on a virtual PC or VMware and of course, business usage.

The home version costs $29 for the current latest version and $59 for a lifetime upgrade. The workstation costs $31 for the current latest version and 63 for a lifetime upgrade.

The server, advanced server, and technician versions, cost anywhere from $190 to $999 and are only available after you purchase a home/business version.

User Opinion and Verdict

EaseUS Todo Backup has a beautiful and easy to use UI even for someone who never backup software before, all of its features are arranged nicely,  and the pricing options/packages are well arranged too.

In conclusion, due to its effectiveness and simplicity, EaseUS Todo Backup is a program that we recommend to every person who is looking for a backup solution regardless of previous experience and knowledge.



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