Fastest Typing Keyboard for Android

Fastest Typing Keyboard for Android

Smartphone has to be smart and productive irrespective of how dumb their users are. We expect them be good at predicting and understand us in every task we perform. Typing is one such important activity. Unlike the hardware keyboard where manual speed and precision matters, especially for any of the best gaming keyboards, Android software keyboards have their own intelligence.

Sentences and even paragraphs could be typed in seconds without actually key-pressing each letter involved in the words, all thanks to Autocorrect and text/phrase prediction.

You don’t even have to touch the key in order to make it appear on typing screen!

I agree that this may not be new for everyone reading this because there are numerous keyboards making use of this technology. But as promised in the title of the article, I will tell you which one of them is the fastest.

Not just telling you the fastest one but also I will compare it with the closest competitor for justification.

SwiftKey – The Mind Reading Keyboard

SwiftKey was the first keyboard where I experienced phrase prediction. It has its own dictionary database to suggest next word as well as it learns from your typing habits.

We don’t always type in English so, whenever you type a word from foreign languages, it is stored in database. With the regular usage, SwiftKey becomes intelligent and helps you save keystrokes.

[alert-note]Tip for Indian readers: SwiftKey has Hindi (beta) as well as Hinglish Language module.[/alert-note]

SwiftKey Flow: Remember Swype Keyboard where you just have to swipe your finger over the keyboard to type?
Flow technology takes this concept one step ahead by providing intelligent prediction. So, even if you swipe on wrong keys, you will probably get the correct word.

Google Keyboard

Updated recently, Google Keyboard introduces Gesture Typing. Similar to Flow, even here you have to glide finger to write. But this is far better and faster than SwiftKey’s Flow or any keyboard ever.

[alert-note]Accuracy of prediction and intelligence level to correct typos is Superb![/alert-note]

No matter how fast and abruptly you move your finger, keyboard always typed the word correctly. 100% of the time!
And you can even use two fingers simultaneously.

Though it claims to have dictionary for 26 languages, I didn’t had luck with a foreign language and Gesture typing works only with English. Non-dictionary words do not get stored automatically into database. You have to double tap to do that. But these things won’t matter if you are majorly using English as language for typing.

So, Which one is the Fastest and Accurate?

As we are only concerned about fastest accurate typing, my vote goes to Google Keyboard.

For your ease, Saket has made a list of not-so-known tricks and shortcuts for Google Keyboard which will again help you write faster.

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Keyboard Cheat Sheet [/button-green][clear]

Try it out and I am sure you’ll be amazed. If not, feel free to curse me.

Image Courtesy: Incredibly Fast Typing from Shutterstock.

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Amit Sharma - September 5, 2013

hi rohit,
Nice post after reading your post i have installed SwiftKey and its just great. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

    Rohit Langde - September 14, 2013

    Give a try to Google Keyboard and you’ll be more amazed 🙂

      Amit Sharma - September 17, 2013

      sure i will…:)

Smrita Soni - September 13, 2013

Hi there,
I am Smrita and i am facing some problems in installing swift key , so if there is any solution available then help me sorting out this problem.
Thanks and Regards
By Smrita Soni

    Rohit Langde - September 14, 2013

    Hi Smrita, May I know what kind of problem are you facing with Swiftkey?
    Is it showing incompatible with your device?

      Smrita Soni - September 14, 2013

      Hi there ,
      Rohit in actual , after installing swift key keyboard my phone starts to lag and doesn’t work properly.
      So Rohit how can you sort it out.


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