FxCrytptor Encrypt Files and Set USB, File or Text as Password

What do you do to secure your files and hide from preying eyes? Personally, at my home-office, I don’t have to worry about privacy but protection is necessary in many cases to secure confidential data. For that purpose, software product in consideration is FxCryptor.

FxCryptor applies Military standard 256-bit AES encryption to files. When you apply encryption to any file, what software does is, encrypt it and changes the file extension to .FXC which is readable only by FXCryptor.

Most useful thing about this software is multiple ways of keeping password. Not just a Text characters but also a file could be used as password to open a file or even USB Disk. This offers totally a new level of security for your files and protection from Brute force attacks.


 Other features which FXCryptor sports are:
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1. Secure ZIP:  It does the same thing of encryption but in addition implements Windows default feature of archiving. So, you get a .FCX file inside ZIP archive.

2. Secure Email: It goes one step ahead by implementing ‘Compress and email’ feature of Windows. Make sure you have email client associated before using it.

3. Secure Delete is a term used for File shredding. This deletes file from Hard Disk and leaves no traces so file cannot be recovered by any software. This is helpful in case of destroying confidential data at enterprise level.

4. SPOT Protection: In case, you are making changes in decrypted file, it will be automatically encrypted after modification. You just have to save it and forget about security.


What I didn’t like about it:

1. Interface doesn’t support right click. For every operation, I have to select the file and then press on button.

2. You cannot encrypt a folder. Even though, there is an option to add folder into a project but files from project gets added which have to be encrypted and decrypted individually.

3. When you are applying file as password, software remembers the path of directory where password file is located. So, if you decrypt once, next time browsing location will be same. This narrows down the number of files to be checked if someone is trying to invade your privacy.


FXcryptor is new in market and their attempt to bring various password schemes under one window is appreciable. I hope they take into consideration our suggestions and implement them in future releases. Pricing may not attract a home user but a product can prove beneficial for office and enterprise.

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