Why you should stop Creating Product Catalogs Old Fashioned Way?

The reason you need HTML5 flipbook is that we live in an accelerating world. That’s not to say that it’s spinning faster – it still turns at 1,000 miles an hour at the equator. No, what is speeding up is the life that most of us lead. And that is particularly true in online marketing.

Why you need an HTML5 Flipbook reader to sell your products

If you conduct business online, you can’t stand still because standing still is the same as going backwards. (If you find that a difficult idea to take on board, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity may help. You’re standing still in relation to yourself, but relative to others, you’re going backwards).

A lot of things are developing fast; the Internet faster than most. Things that looked good (and worked just fine) two years ago look less good (and don’t work as well) now. You can never be in a position to say, “Our new website looks fabulous. No need to touch it now for another five years.” You’d probably be unwise to say there was no need to touch it for six months. That is the speed of the best among your competition, so it needs to be your speed, too. Chances are, your competitors are using flipbooks. If html5 flipbooks are working for them (and they are), they’ll work for you. Big companies can afford large marketing departments to develop flipbooks for them. What you need is a flipbook creator, so that you can make your own flipbook.

What is an HTML5 flipbook?

A flipbook is interactive. It’s an interactive book, an interactive magazine, an interactive catalog, an interactive comic book – the only limit is imposed by your imagination.

Why HTML5 flipbooks are better for business than PDFs and e-books

e-Books are great. Everybody loves them. There’s no better way, if you’re going to be travelling, than to carry on your tablet all the reading material you’ll need. And PDFs have been a wonderful standby for some years now.

But – really, that’s the point. All those years. Don’t get us wrong; Adobe have done a great job of updating the program and introducing new features. Everybody uses PDFs, and that includes us. Don’t know where we’d be without them. Fabulous tool. But it seems sometimes that online customers have a quite insatiable desire for something new. And, however marvelous the PDF is, “new” is not the word to use. Hasn’t been the word for more than 20 years. (You didn’t realize it was that old? It’s older).

The point about e-books and PDFs is that they are static. Online customers don’t like static. They want to see movement, they want to jump from here to there, they want interactive response – they want response, period. An HTML5 flipbook will give them that. And they will reward you with their business.

No downloading, no special readers

An HTML5 flipbook is accessed instantly. The customer clicks the link and the flipbook opens. Just like that. PDFs, wonderful as they are, require an Acrobat reader of some kind. (Everyone has one? Listen, it’s easy to think that, but not all of your customers are computer literate, and you might be amazed by how many people DON’T have a PDF reader, and by the amount of business that has cost you). E-books have to be downloaded – and, once again, there usually has to be something to read them on.

But an HTML5 flipbook does not need to be downloaded. It doesn’t need any special software for the customer to open it. All the customer needs is a web browser – and, face it, if the customer doesn’t have one of those, the customer won’t be a customer, because the “customer” won’t be able to get to your site in the first place.

A flipbook creator will save you money. And it’s flexible

You can make your own flipbook. It will be a lot less expensive than producing a paper version. And it’s flexible. It’s easy to update.

Making product catalogs is by no means the only use for an HTML5 flipbook. It’s not even the most common use. But it is vital. Unless your range of products is extremely limited, product catalogs are something you have to have. Richard Sears built Sears Roebuck and Co into one of the biggest trading companies in the world. His innovative way with a catalog was a big part of how he did it. His catalogs were printed on paper. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, there wasn’t anything else. Well…tree bark, maybe, or the skins of dead goats, but Sears was neither a crank nor a monk.

HTML5 flipbooks enhance User Experience

What customers want most is:

  1. Convenience;
  2. Speed at which information is provided; and
  3. Attractive appearance.

You’ll often hear web designers talk about UX (User Experience). UX is described in many ways, and there is a mistake that is often made about it. Often, an “expert” will say:

  • UX is about how the webpage looks;
  • UX is about the quality of the images;
  • UX is about how fast the page loads; or
  • UX is about something else entirely.

The reason we call that a mistake is that UX is not about any of those things individually. The User Experience is about EVERYTHING – the whole process the user goes through on accessing the page. The text. The images. Sounds (when they are there – and don’t make the mistake of adding music or a voiceover just for the sake of having music or a voiceover, because some people hate that. Make the sound relevant to the subject, or leave it out).

A good flipbook creator can incorporate images, text, PDF files, tables (of prices; of features; of anything you like), and videos. With or without sound. It can make sure that the links work, so that you can rapidly lead customers to the products and the sales arguments that most interest them. And it looks great! It looks for all the world as though you have an actual book on the screen (with a thickness to the paper, and a thickness to the book itself). Customers move from one page to the next by “flipping”– just as they would if they had a paperback in front of them. All of that amounts to great UX – great User Experience. You need it.

Paper catalogs are dead, and PDF catalogs will soon follow them

We mentioned users’ insatiable demand for something new. But it’s more than that. There is a sense in which 21st-century customers have become jaded by the sheer volume of what’s available. It’s more than that, too. Here are some figures that people who aren’t active in e-commerce might find frightening:

What those figures tell you is that, if you’re not working hard at selling online, you’re ignoring the largest part of your potential market. Not just a nice-to-have add-on – the largest part. Why would you do that?

Most paper catalogs that are delivered by mail or left on counters for people to pick up are never read. They’re not wasted, exactly, or not totally wasted, because a lot of them will find their way into a recycling bin and ultimately be available for someone else to print something on. A downloaded crossword, perhaps. But as far as making sales for you is concerned – yes, they are wasted. Your customers are not just buying online, they are also searching online. Looking at products online. Deciding online what it is they want to buy.

Downloadable PDFs took the place of the paper catalog, and now flipbooks are taking the place of downloadable PDFs. For ever? Nothing is forever. But right now, HTML5 flipbooks are where it’s at. So they’re where you need to be.

Things that PDF won’t give you, but an HTML5 flipbook will

  • The interactivity that a PDF can give you is limited to links. Flipbooks are much more interactive than that. Even to the extent of making the reader feel that they’re enjoying the comfort of a real book in which they can flip from page to page, without the need to send them a physical book.
  • You can’t embed a video into a PDF, so you can’t use it to show how a product works or the variety of ways in which it can be sold. Instruction by video is a huge seller; flipbooks can provide it, and PDFs can’t.
  • Flipbooks will give you much better SEO, because search engines can index flipbooks and they can’t index PDFs (Really, if you want a single reason to buy a flipbook creator, we’ve just given you one. Getting search engines to index your catalog means that more people who are looking for what you sell will find you is the same as if you were using SEO Services San Antonio to improve your results. What more could you ask?)
  • Flipbooks give visitors a format they understand and are familiar with. They rapidly twig that they can zoom, add bookmarks, search on keywords, and click on links.
  • We put that word in capitals, because it’s so important. Nearly two years ago, the Internet passed the tipping point at which searches from mobile devices exceeded searches from desktops and laptops. (That’s why Google is changing its algorithm to give extra weight to websites that can be read easily on mobiles). An HTML5 flipbook adapts – seamlessly and effortlessly – to make sure that it is visible on any device, whatever the size. It looks like magic. And magical is exactly what its effect on your sales will be.
  • You can send a flipbook link by email, by social media, or on your website. Anyone you want to see it simply clicks on the link – but the important point is that your visitors can also forward the link. One spouse can send it to the other, with the question, “The one on page 5, or the one page 9?” For “spouse,” read “colleague,” “friend,” or anything else you like.

HTML5 flipbooks are, right now, the only way to produce and distribute your catalogs

As anyone in business knows, the pace of competition is not only relentless, but also increasing. There’s also a lot of evidence to show that early adopters of almost any new technology gain the most advantage. HTML5 flipbooks are here now, and if you want an edge over your competitors, now is the time to start using them. And do we have a deal for you at Greedeals!

  • It’s risk-free, because you can try it for 30 days and get your money back at the end of that time if you feel this is not the path for you.
  • It’s a lifetime commercial license, so you’re free to use it as often as you like, whether for your own purposes, or for those of your clients.
  • You can add images, you can add videos, you can add voice-over and other soundtracks.
  • It’s compatible across browsers.
  • You don’t need any programming knowledge – everything you will be required to do is intuitive.

If you’re still creating product catalogs in the old-fashioned way (and, today, that includes PDF): STOP. The future is in HTML5 flipbooks. They look great, and people react warmly to them, because they are like books they give a nice warm “traditional” feel without sacrificing cutting-edge effectiveness. They will increase your click?through rate and they will increase your conversion rate. Which is another way of saying, they’ll increase your sales!

What can you possibly be waiting for?

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