Resolve the Problem of Weak Singnals with Network Signal Boosters

According to recent research, it has been found out that almost every person faces the problem of drop calls once in a while. And as the use of mobile phones is growing this problem is becoming worse. 

To tackle this problem, most of the people have zoned a corner of their house where they make calls, obviously, they are receiving better signals there.

But, roaming around the house with your phone in order to find a place with good signals is not a permanent solution. So, you need to find an alternative and ultimate answer.

To counter this problem, FCC has officially approved the use of cell signal boosters to provide good signals. It has been reported that South Africa is also among one of the countries with rising problem of weak signals. The only solution to this problem is adding a signal booster to your working place.

There are many South African companies of cell signal booster that can provide you with the right booster to meet your need.

Causes of Weak Signals

If you are blaming your phone for showing fewer bars on screen, then it is not your phone who is doing this to you. There can be many possible causes of weak signal, but according to experts two of these reasons are the most likely the cause of weak signals.

One of them is a distance from the closest tower. The network companies transmit signals to the users through a cellular tower. You are receiving the signal from the tower that is closest to you at the time. As you start moving further, you are connected to the next closest tower to you and this continues. Until you reach the dead end and there is no tower near you.

The second culprit is any obstacles that are between your device and the source. These obstacles can be anything from hills to a building.

What is a Signal Booster?

Signal boosters are devices that receive the weak signals from the outside and convert it into a stronger signal. In this way, you won’t face call dropping again. The booster works by mounting the antenna in a place where it can receive signals. These signals are then processed and send to an internal antenna, which then broadcast these signals in the house.

Choose the Right Device

There are many factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a booster for your home or business. The most important are the area that you need to cover and the signal strength that is already present. Keeping these things in mind you can determine what frequency amplifier you need to provide signals strong enough to cover the whole area. Besides this, there is two type of signal boosters which includes the one which is designed for home and the other which is designed for trucks and vehicles. Although all work on the same basic principle, still there are few differences that are required to meet the goal of desired signals.

Thus, according to FCC, cell signal boosters are the ultimate solution to all the problems related to weak signals. The best thing about these boosters is that they need only one-time investment as no monthly charges are applied.

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