New Age Tech Ideas to Charge Your Phone For 2019

It’s no news how much phone-dependent humans have grown to be.

Here’s the beauty of a smartphone: Rather than running to catch a bus, order an Uber; instead of staying bored, play a video game.

The good side: our everyday tasks have become so simplified that stress levels has decreased.

The bad side: we can do little or nothing we love when they are dead.

New Tech Ideas to Help Keep Your Phone Charged

So, let’s take a look at ways you can keep your phone alive without having to go through the hassle of using conventional long-wired chargers, as technology has developed new ideas, as expected.

1. Anker Solar charger

Whether you are out hiking or on the pitch playing soccer, getting away from a charging source alongside staying under the sun could be great disadvantages. So, possessing a gadget which converts the sun’s heat into useful power for your phone would be a life-saver. That’s exactly what solar chargers bring to the table.

For instance, take a look at the Anker solar charger. With the aid of three solar panels installed to its sides, Anker 21W solar charger converts the sun’s rays to electricity; which is then channeled via a USB port to your device. Luckily, since it has 2 USB ports, you can charge your phone and your tablet simultaneously.

However, if there is one thing that is a bummer, it is that this solar charger isn’t rechargeable. To derive more energy from the sun, you might want to get a solar generator. Check out Solargenerator guide.

2. Omnicharge Power bank.

Trapped on an island or stuck in a traffic jam with a dead phone? Omnicharge to the rescue! Omnicharge has a number of different models, however, one which stands out in the Omnicharge series is the Omni20+.

With a significant number of USB ports, all your gadgets- your iPad, iPhone, tablet, headphone- can be all connected to it simultaneously. Despite its many number of ports and connections, Omni20+ is still small enough to carry around in your backpack or purse. Its 1.4-pound weight verifies this fact.

As the name suggests, the Omni20+ has a whopping 20,000mAh storage capacity; which suggests how long you can go without getting stranded due to a dead phone. 

3. Charging backpack

Recently, there had been issues of insecurity in my neighbourhood. So, even after dropping my kids off at school, I needed a means of reaching out to them after closing hours. I had them take along smartphones to school- but then, they rarely had access to charging spots.

That’s when I heard of the charge backpack- ECEEN hiking daypack backpack to be precise. Come rain or shine, with its 3.5-watt solar panel and a built-in 2000mAh waterproof Li-polymer battery pack, you can charge on the go.

Luckily for you, it wasn’t just built to charge your phone. It has a lightweight- meaning all your camera gears can fit in conveniently. Also, upon flipping of the panel attachment, you could release distress signals in case of an emergency.

Its design is simple and stylish; perfectly designed for people on the go.

4. Magnetic tip Multi-Cord

The most annoying part of charging is the many different cords pertaining to each gadget. An iPhone uses lightning cords, cameras use miniUSB while some other devices use microUSB.

The magnetic tip special cords solve this problem. With an easily detachable mouthpiece, you can fit the kind of end your gadget accepts- then you can use the magnetic cord to charge them all. One cord for all your devices; brilliant!

Wrapping up

I love every single item on this list- they are all perfect for specific situations! However, in case you are carrying laptop, make sure you follow the tips to increase battery life because charging big devices isn’t always possible on the move.

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