How to setup Seedbox on Web Server for Faster Direct Download and Seeding

Setting up a Virtual Torrent Client on a Web Server would be a great idea, isn’t it? Known by the name of Seedbox overall the web which can download Torrent content on server space and seed from their itself. Moreover, you can download those files as Direct HTTP links from the server.

TorrentFlux is a PHP based BitTorrent client installed on web server which acts exactly as your desktop client such as utorrent. It is a web-based system for managing bit torrent file transfers which manage all aspects of your Torrent transfers through the secure and convenient web interface from anywhere you can get Internet access!

You need a web server with that supports PHP v4.3.x or higher. Download TorrentFlux script and follow the steps given in INSTALL file. And the interface is ready to use:

This is the home screen where you can upload a Torrent via File or URL. Noticed the upload speed: it’s 1022 kbps (around 1 mbps) which more than my Internet connection. However, speed will depend on peer availability and server configuration. Even RSS torrents are supported for automated downloading. After download is finished, it can be downloaded via any browser or Download Manager via HTTP Direct link from directory.

Why should you use TorrentFlux?

  • You get Direct links to download instead of P2P which are faster in general.
  • No need to keep your PC/ Laptop awake wasting electricity for seeding purpose as server will keep it seeding as per your command.
  • Seeding or Leeching does not depend on speed of your broadband ISP as it is on the Host server which is always faster.
  • No more worries about maintaining Upload Ratio on Private Torrent Trackers.
  • You save monthly bandwidth which you may have wasted on seeding torrents.

P.S. Please confirm with your Host provider before installing Seedbox. Most of the servers do allow it but just in case it may happen so better confirm to avoid account suspension.

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Chetan - August 21, 2010

Great Post Buddy !

Seedbox - September 24, 2010

Torrentflux is such a resource hog, the best option is rtorrent+rutorrent webui.

Pulsed Media - October 19, 2010

Yeah, TorrentFlux is resource hog, antiqued and annoying to use 🙂

Pulsed Media offers rTorrent + ruTorrent. It’s vastly better, it’s like using uTorrent except in a browser 😀

Eliteseeders - September 22, 2011

Eliteseeders offers ruTorrent and utorrent with VPS and SolusVM Control Panel!

Amit Kurud - August 1, 2012

hey dude which Hosting should i use from what ur recommendation

    Rohit Langde - August 1, 2012

    At least VPS is recommended and try to find offshore hosting which is cheaper and away from copyright acts.


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