Working Rapidshare Premium Download Link Generators

There are many tricks and webservices with which you can enjoy Premium advantages without actually buying Premium Account on popular File sharing sites like Rapidshare.

We have already seen Rapidshare downloader or simple hack to bypass Megaupload waiting time but here I am sharing something more lavish than that. Premium Link Generators are used to create premium download link from a particular host without actually having premium account.

Rapidshare Premium Link Generators

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Blogsdna - August 17, 2009

Dude i guess you have just blindly copied links from other rapidshare premium link generator posts, I have checked 25 links in random from your list none of them works!!! Worst some of the websites listed here doesn’t even exist now

    Rohit Langde - August 17, 2009

    @Blogsdna, Agreed. I have now checked some links personally and edited the post. Now, Learned that Quality is more important than quantity. Thanks for commenting. Do check from the above list now, You will not be dissatisfied now.

Blogsdna - August 18, 2009

Cool, Thanks for taking my comment as constructive criticism and above links worked like charm.

    Rohit Langde - August 18, 2009

    @Blogsdna, Its my duty and big Bloggers like you have always been my inspiration. Thanks and Keep Visiting.

fsegjh - August 20, 2009

you can use
its the best link gen out there 😛

hammy - August 21, 2009

I don’t believe it. It actually works!! Wowie. Over a period of several years,I had searched for and tried several softwares and sites that claimed to do this, but never really got any to work. I had just about given up on all those sites as just urban legends at best. Thanks a LOT for the links…

sweety - September 12, 2009

Thx bosss It realy works!!!!!!1 hats off to you mannnnn

miccy - October 14, 2009

this one works perfect

mega-leecher - November 21, 2009

this is also good service .. leecher server update daily and weekly with tested server i think
i also using these sites server here iam sharing Digg … that site is digged .. you can check

some other chat leecher server
use these chat leecher simple ………. post ur link in chat box which u want to download ….. only peoples will leech ur file with in 4 min ok

titokun - December 28, 2009

mantep, nice infonya….

Playstation - January 13, 2010

Some links have too many pop-ups but the bottom line is… IT WORKS!!

RapidShareGod - February 10, 2010 is a new RapidShare Premium Account downloader, that allows you to download all your RapidShare files as if you are a Premium Account user for free!

It has a built in bulk link checker and it supports bulk downloads, best of all it’s free! – the last RapidShare Premium Account access you’ll ever need!

mike - February 20, 2010

free rapidshare premium accounts and premium

Ghanshyam - March 3, 2010

hey, brother several links are already expired and not working.
Plz check and update these links.

Sid - March 16, 2010

Easy way to find rapidshare files on GOOGLE

just type your file name & extension in following format inurl:extention keyword inurl:rar|zip Goole Chrome

Jegan - May 18, 2010



Excellent List of 100% Working Premium Link Generators.


Aioleech - August 17, 2010
premium link generator
full free public premium link generator supports rapidshare hotfile megaupload and


Mido - September 17, 2010

thanks for all

more rapidleech servers


and more

Shareef P - October 22, 2010

it is very help full to download file from rapid share.
you can download file by just using the url of that file

lowness - August 20, 2011

There is a list of rapidleech server / premium link generator at


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