Hidden Reality Behind Your Facebook Photos [Funny]

Admit it! Your mind thinks only about DP or CP while taking photographs. The ones very well known to Facebook will understand that DP is Display picture or Profile photo and CP is Cover photo on Facebook profile. We see all weird, funny and stylish pictures on Facebook albums but are they real?

I mean to say whether the poses given in Facebook photos are true or just an exaggerated view? Or maybe to cater LIKES?

Watch this funny video which reveals the actual reality behind such photos on Facebook.

Yup, it is worth 2 minutes of your time.

How was it? Worth Liking?

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Ashish - February 7, 2014

So true !!

Giri - February 7, 2014

Very funny video but its reality today 🙂 , Nice Rohit

pankaj - February 8, 2014

That’s really a nice blog!!

Sanjok Subba - February 8, 2014

Well I think I have those #imserious #ismellsomething pose 😉 he he

PrIyAnGsHu BG - February 14, 2014

Funny but that’s reality. People nowadays are so busy in finding new poses that can bring more likes 😀

Parceek - February 18, 2014

Loved the post


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