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To keep Windows running smoothly, we have to take care of it regularly. Optimizing and maintaining Windows registry is necessary as an unoptimized registry can lead you to slow boot ups and many application related issues. There are many free and paid registry optimization tools present which can help you perform this task.

Regcure Pro is one of the best Windows Registry optimization and maintenance tool. In this review, we will be talking about the things that you can expect from RegCure Pro.

RegCure Interface

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The interface is simple and interactive. This is perfect for all types of users from newbie to advanced. The program only has 5 big buttons on the left side, which are Overview, System Scan, Restore, Tools, and Settings.

For a quick fix, you can see a big button that says Click to Start Scan. This is perfect for users who do not have experience of using a Windows maintenance software .

RegCure Features

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Regcure Pro is not limited to registry cleaner or repair but it also includes additional functions such as malware protection, privacy protection, junk files cleaning, and system performance check.

Also in the tools section, we have additional tools such as the process manager, startup manager, file manager, defrag, and BHO manager. Regcure Pro also has a restore option which you can use if you made a mistake in changing some settings in the program. The restore option can also restore your computer in a previous state.

In the Settings menu, you can configure some elements to control the behavior of the program. If you are not sure of what you are doing, then do not play around the settings. This is only suitable for advanced users. In the Settings menu, you have General Settings, Scan Schedule, Registry Settings, Privacy Settings, Ignore Settings, and Junk Settings. Program response is very good!

RegCure Performance

Upon clicking System Scan, the program will automatically scan your computer for problems. Approximately, the program scanned my system in 2 minutes. This is a very fast considering that it scans for 5 categories. After the scanning process, the program will prompt you to Fix All the problems. When I clicked it, it only took around 7 seconds to finish.

The program will automatically update itself when it detects a new release from the server. Or you can also update it manually by clicking on the About located in the upper right corner of the screen.

My Views

If you click on the System Scan, the program will automatically scan your computer. It would be better if we have an option to select which aspect should be scanned. Also, if you finished the scanning process, and you accidentally clicked on it again, the program will rescan your computer again.


In general, the software is good for all types of users. It has a simple interface that everybody can understand. The developers included the essential tools you need in order to maintain your computer performance and prevents threats. Regcure PRO is fast and does not consume a huge percentage of system resources.

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Mukti - July 4, 2013

It is very good software all type of user.Thanks

Pritam Patil - July 6, 2013

Hey bro you are back with a bang !!! can’t hold to comment..:)

mayur - July 7, 2013

rohit,ccleaner has inbuilt registry cleaning/curing built in functionality……does this programme perform well than that or its just 20-19 diference?

shenoyjoseph - July 9, 2013

i Used it on windows 7 PC but don’t know whether it will going to work on new Windows 8 OS.

ha14 - July 11, 2013

looks interesting i heared that on xp used to do miracles


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