How to Remove DRM Protection from any Audio or Video File

Media files are often encrypted to prevent copying and unfair usage, this is made possible using Digital Rights Management. Often, these DRM things become irritation for users due to various restrictions like Device binding, Playback, copying, etc.

DRM ProtectionIn this article, you’ll learn how to make any media DRM free and use it without restrictions like any other file. Not illegally by hacking the DRM encryption technology but making a video or audio DRM free which you already posses legally.

How they Work

None of the DRM removal tools actually remove DRM from original media file but just record the content and create new file. These recording is often faster than traditional recording process which is a result of increased playback speed.

Prerequisite: You have to have legal license of the DRM protected file you wish to convert.

I tried some popular DRM removal tools developed for media files only and decided to write about Aimersoft DRM media converter. Not only, it strips or removes DRM protection from most media files but also convert them to make compatible with your device.

Using Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Interface is very straightforward of this tool. Single window gives all essential options along with the preview window.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Just click on “Add” button and select the DRM protected file you wish to convert or remove DRM from. Depending on the type whether Audio or Video file, you can customize the output format. As I said above, it is possible to convert media file to make it compatible for playing on any device.

Compatible with almost all popular protected files like FLAC, WMV, M4A, AA, AAX, M4P, M4B, etc.

DRM Media Converter Formats

I tested it with a sample DRM video file which required pay 0.5$ to get license for limited number of playbacks.

On clicking “Start” button to begin conversion process, you will be asked for username/password to play the file. Video will be previewed and within minutes, DRM free media file is created in specified output directory.

Time taken to finish the conversion process depends on the length of playback. You can always check on ‘Shutdown PC when finished’ if you don’t to wait and keep staring at windows.

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Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is a powerful tool which saves the effort of downloading or entering license details again and again by removing DRM easily. Protected media content downloaded from iTunes, Kindle store, etc can be played on any device after conversion without any restrictions.

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