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There are different ways to build a website! You can use HTML, WordPress or other platforms. All these popular methods require some technical knowledge, in one way or another. Nevertheless, by using an effective website builder like Site123, you can keep everything simple. Even then, you will have a functional, attractive website for your product, service or firm. In this article, we will have an in-depth review of Site123 Website Builder. We can cover different aspects such as usability, features and overall worthiness.

What is Site123?

Simply put, Site123 is a Website Builder. It is meant to help you common users build impressive websites without any skill in coding. In a few seconds or so, you can get the website ready. In fact, you can create different kinds of websites using the builder from Site123. You can create an education website, Portfolio website, Product launch site etc. In short, it does not matter the purpose, you can create desired website using Site123 Builder. Now that you have an idea, we will discuss different aspects of this intuitive site builder.

Highlighting Features of Site123

  • A Simple, Intuitive Design
  • Royalty-Free Content Library
  • Free-to-Use Web Hosting

Site123 Pros

  • Unlimited Pages
  • In-built Support for SEO
  • Best-in-Class Support
  • eCommerce Support

Site123 Cons

  • Site123 is offering Limited Design Templates

It’s time for an in-depth coverage of functionality, features and customer opinion about the Site123 Website Builder.

User Interface and Usability

As we said, Site123 is one of the simplest website builders you’d find. It is equipped with a minimal yet effective Interface to create and manage websites. To understand the easiness of using this site-builder, you can consider the ways to create a common CV Webpage. Even when you are using WordPress or something like that, the process will take hours. Site123, however, gets the job done in a few seconds.

First, you have to select the category of the website you’re going to build. Once you have provided basic details such as a name, description and logo, you can proceed to the fully-fledged site builder of Site123. Even as a beginner, it’s really easy to get started with the builder. There is a Sidebar that provides information about what you are editing. For instance, if you want to edit the Homepage, you will see the options for editing the Header, Sub-Heading and Content. And, it all do depend upon the theme or layout you are using.


The best part of Site123 Site Builder is that you can edit everything from single page. And, unlike the other site builders, it gets loaded in a few seconds. Suppose you have 5 pages in your website. You can access these pages from the sidebar and edit them instantly. It does not matter whether you are editing a paragraph or image, everything is simple when you do it via Site123 Editor. After finalizing the edits, you can preview and publish your Site123-powered website.

Features Offered by Site123

So, let’s have a roundup on the major features offered by Site123 Site Builder.

  • In-built SEO Tools are helpful for every website you build. It can be a personal or organization website, but these tools will help you stay visible in Search Engine results.
  • You don’t have to pay for hosting in Site123 plans. Free Hosting is there in the free and paid versions of the service.
  • For Analytics and Insights, Site123 hosts a bunch of tools. These can be useful for growth-tracking & optimization.
  • Last but not least, Site123 offers better options for eCommerce integration. This is a cool feature if you want to sell something and receive payments from the site.

These aren’t so advanced features. However, when you set up a normal website, these will help you in many ways.

Availability of Templates & Customization

Site123 isn’t so rich when it comes to the case of site templates. Of course, the builder has a bunch of templates to offer, but not all of them are up to the mark. However, it needs to be noted that Site123 is offering a variety of design layouts. You can choose the layout as per the requirement. In addition, you can add a variety of design elements to make your site look unique.

Shortly, Templates and Layouts sections of Site123 Site Builder is just satisfactory. There isn’t much to boast about either. Never think of getting purpose-exclusive templates in the builder, but you can customize existing themes to suit the needs.

eCommerce Integration & More

One of the major features offered by Site123 is the eCommerce integration. In seconds, you can get an eCommerce site or bring Sales-related elements to the existing website. You have to pick eCommerce while you are creating the site. Then, it is possible to modify the front-end and back-end according to your needs. The best part is that Site123 is having in-built support for PayPal and Credit Cards. Alternatively, you can set up an option for transfer-based payments. With these three types of methods, receiving payments from the eCommerce site is an easy task, indeed.


Apart from Payment integration, Site123 has a bunch of plugins you can use. For instance, there is Google Analytics for better tracking and analysis. Likewise, you can find LiveChat and Intercom for Customer Support. Some of them are limited to Pro packages only.

Packages and Pricing

We shall have a glance over the pricing structure of Site123.

In Site123, you have two main options — the Free version and the Pro version. The free version is pretty basic but offers what common users need. You get 500MB of storage space and 1GB Bandwidth by paying nothing. Using this space, you can create as many Site123 websites as you need. You cannot connect your own domain to Site123, which is a limitation. Also, some features like Customer Support Plugins are not available in the basic version.

Pro version of Site123 is priced at $9.80 per month, if you pay annually. Here, you get 10GB of storage space and 5GB of bandwidth. Additional features include the Custom Domain Name Connection and the feature that allows you to manage web form messages, right from your emails. Altogether, considering the free hosting and domain name, it’s worth what you pay.

User Opinion and Verdict

Most customers are impressed by the features and intuitive designs of Site123. It’s clear that almost anyone can create a website using the site builder. Some people love the modern design while some are interested in the design.

Conclusively, Site123 is an effective website builder you can trust. The design and interface are simple, but it comes with many impressive features. For instance, the PayPal integration and various layouts are indeed awesome. Compared with the features offered, the pricing of Site123 also makes sense. In short, if you are looking for a simple yet effective website builder, you can count on Site123.

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