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Sponsored Video: What’s The Actual Reason Behind Your Digital Device Frustration

Common Frustrations of any Digital Device owner maybe Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone is Battery Drain, Frozen Screen or the irritating Loading ball symbol. Many Factors governs the cause behind this but the Memory used in device stays common among them.

Yes, the Memory Chip used in device can enhance your multimedia experience and at the same time can ruin it. Performance, Energy Consumption, Cost, Size and even the durability of device also depends on the memory.

Taking these into considerations, Samsung launched an Advertising campaign where they demonstrated the Problems of Users in a video with the help of imaginary characters. Like a movie trailer, each character demonstrates how modern devices are affected by battery drain, low memory and times when something will just freeze.


Battery Brutus as Battery Draining Issue

With novelties and sophistication offered by Mobile devices, they need more processing power and hence more battery. Battery Brutus can spoil the charm if device gets switched off in the middle of a movie or when you are out away from charging facilities.

Fionaa Freeze – Frozen Screen

Just when you are  about to break a record in a gameplay or you want to show off something important during a presentation and suddenly everything hangs, screen is frozen. This can be the most frustrating situation and maybe the reason behind is incompatible or low performance memory attached to the device.

Loading Ball Larry

With industry standard memory, software applications work slowly. You may experience longer file load times, and poor performance when multi-tasking. This often leads to crashing of app just before you could save your work. Samsung Memory promises to offer faster and smoother processing and avoid embarrassing situations due to loading ball.

This Post is Sponsored By Samsung.

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