How to Recover Lost Data from a Corrupted Hard Drive?

We have faced this situation when we lose our valuable data due to a corrupted hard drive. It could take all of your life’s work, memorable pictures, confidential information, etc. Don’t need to feel stressed; you might recover all this information. Here in this article, I will tell you how to recover data from a corrupted hard drive. But first, let’s see why a hard drive gets corrupted?

The Reasons why a Hard Drive Corrupts?

Several reasons could damage the hard drive. A mechanical issue, software issue, or electrical issues may damage the hard drive and the data in it. The typical hard drive corruption is due to poor operating conditions. However, all hard drive stops working at a point due to the mechanical wear out.  Below are some common reasons for hard drive corruption.

  1. Virus infection – Some deadly virus infection could even damage the hard drive. Viruses could alter the operation of the hard disk, which leads to the non-functioning of the hard drive.
  2. Poor Operating Conditions – Operating the hard drive in an environment with too much heat or moister could cause its failure. It should be operated in a dust free and normal temperature environment. There are small and sensitive parts inside the hard drive, you need to handle it carefully.
  3. Manufacturing Fault – It could cause a hard drive to not work correctly even in a brand new condition. Sometimes, the hard drive could fail after using it for a while.
  4. Software Failures – Sometimes, due to some bad code, the files on the hard drive may corrupt. It could happen when you don’t shut down the system properly or closing the running program during their operation, etc.
  5. Electrical Failure – When a faulty UPS or any other equipment fail to provide required power or all of sudden the power surges, it causes the hard drive failure.

How to Recover the Lost Data?

To recover the data from your corrupted hard drive, you need to download the Stellar Data Recover Premium. This tool not just recovers the data from your failed drive but also repair the files whose some part is not recoverable. It can recover corrupted, or formatted hard drives permanently deleted files and the inaccessible volumes.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium is a complete package that takes care of your hard drive containing valuable data. Besides recovering the lost data, it also helps you to monitor the hard disk health and repair corrupted video and picture files.

Note- If your hard drive is physically damaged or the system is not detecting it, then you need to contact data recovery experts. This article will help you to recover the data from a drive which your PC can detect.

Step 1 – Download and Install Stellar Data Recovery Premium

To begin the recovery process Download Stellar Data Recovery Premium. The download size of the installer is just 33MB, so you don’t need to wait for a long time to download it. Once it is downloaded double click on it to open.

Stellar Data Recovery Installer

Now you will see a UAC prompt asking you to give permission to Stellar installer to change your system. Click Yes to continue.

Stellar Data Recovery UAC

Then choose the language for the installation and click OK.

Stellar Data Recovery Select Language

Now in the next prompt click on the Next to begin the installation procedure.

Stellar Data Recovery Installation 1

Then read the license agreement and select the box of I accept the license agreement, then click Next.

Stellar Data Recovery Installation 2

If you want to install it another location, then select the installation location by clicking on the Browse button otherwise click Next.

Stellar Data Recovery Installation 3

Then follow the screen instructions to install Stellar Data Recovery Premium on your computer.

Once the installation completes, click on the Finish.

Step 2 – Scan and Recover Lost Data using Stellar Data Recovery

Open Stellar Data Recovery and click on Recover Data option.

Recover Lost Data 1

In the next window, select the type of files you want to recover. For example, if you are only looking for documents, then there is no need to search for pictures and videos. It will increase the time taken in the search. Select the type of files and click Next.

Recover Lost Data 2

Now you need to select the location where you want to look for lost data. Select the corrupted hard drive, you can select multiple drives. Then click on the Scan to begin the scan procedure.

Recover Lost Data 3

Now the Stellar Data Recovery will scan your whole drive. The scan is pretty fast; it takes around 4 minutes to scan the 102GB drive.

Recover Lost Data 5

Now you will see the search results. It marked 55GB of recoverable data from my drive. Now you need to choose the files or folders you want to recover then click on Recover button.

Recover Lost Data 6

If you don’t find the files you were looking for, then click on the Deep Scan option located on the bottom of the window. It will start the scan again and will take a little longer than earlier. Once you find the files click on the Recover button.


Stellar Data Recovery Premium is a full-featured tool that takes care of your hard drive. Its deep scan enables you to recover the deleted data. The hard drive monitor tool lets you check the health of the drive. Some video or photos doesn’t correctly retrieve, they don’t load properly after recovering. In such cases, it has a repair tool that fixes the pictures and videos. Overall, Stellar Data Recovery Premium is the best choice if you want to recover data from a corrupted hard drive.

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