Top Gaming apps that everyone should have on their Mobiles

Mobile games have been a constant source of entertainment, especially during the pandemic when people couldn’t meet their friends or even step out of their homes. However, it is tricky to create a definitive list of all the gaming apps available for you. There are thousands of incredible games spread across Android and iOS. Also, new games are cropping up now and then. 

With that said, here’s a compact list of some of the top gaming apps that every mobile device in 2022 must have for staying engaged. 

MPL or Mobile Premier League 

MPL is on top of the list because it is a gaming app where you can find not one but fourteen different games spread across categories, including arcade, casual, and sports. Also, the gaming platform offers players varied game formats like 1V1 battles, 1VN game modes, free practice games, and tournaments. If you participate in contests, you can win cash rewards and prizes. After downloading this app, some of the top games you must not miss are Bubble Shooter, Spider Solitaire, Baseball, Basketball, Block Puzzle, etc. 

So, if you’re looking to play games for real money while being entertained, this is the app you should download on your phone. 


Everdale comes from the creators of Clash of Clans, and the game is an antidote to constant warfare and bickering. Inter-town fighting is not allowed in Everdale, and players can create and expand their town as much as they want. You can teach your villagers new skills to help build the economy and trade with nearby hamlets. You can even make new friends during the game. 

Everdale is a chilled-out game where you don’t have to worry about other players being out for your blood. 

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation captures the masterpiece of Ridley Scott, and the game is complete with arcane whirring sound effects. The game made a brilliant debut on mobile, where it features a mechanically compromised, creaking mess of Sevastopol station. There are human-sized ventilation ducts and clouds of dry ice emerging slowly. The game creates the right environment for an alien attack, and every noise or movement within the game feels sinister. The game is hard to resist if you love hunting down aliens. 

Postknight 2

As in the previous version, players are trainee parcel delivery swordsmen. It would help if you practiced updating your fighting skills while delivering mail, and you have to brave the attacks by resilient enemies. To successfully deliver mail, you need to shield defenses, take your time to charge your sword, and heal to overcome groups of enemies that you may stumble upon as you make your way to the delivery address. If you succeed in delivering mail, you get rewards, and you’ll get a treasure chest. But if you fail, you won’t get any rewards. However, you’ll gain experience, so your next attempt will be better. 

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Quest 

The game enables players to select their wizards, and then you can watch your wizard on autopilot. The wizard will hurl whatever spell you choose to attack the encroaching horde. You need to sit back and relax. As different enemies come and go, you have to change magic attacks. If you die and fail to push back the attack, you will restart again with a slight flip to your magical powers. 

However, the game has a few drawbacks. The music is dull and repetitive. It requires further refinement, but the game will keep you engaged. 

Blackout Bingo 

Bingo was known as a game of chance, and it was believed that only the lucky ones won. But with Blackout Bingo, players are in control of their fate. With this application, you can decide how much you’ll make while playing the game you love. The application is relatively easy to use, and everyone playing will be seeing the same cards and balls. It takes speed, concentration, and strategy to become a bingo master. 

Each game takes about two minutes to play, and players can quickly play whenever they like. If you are confident, you can even compete for cash prizes. The app is enjoyed by five million players worldwide. 

Disney Melee Mania 

Similar to Lego Star Wars Battles being a clone of Clash Royale, Melee Mania is Brawl Stars. The game features a host of Disney favorites that pummel each other in the small cartoon arenas. Your enjoyment depends on the people on your three versus three teams. As you start to climb through the ranks, you will find players much more focused and not likely to get themselves killed without a good reason. Some of the characters featured in the game are Elsa from Frozen, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Wreck-it Ralph, Maleficent, Moana, and others. So, if you love Disney characters, it is a great game where you can play your favorite characters. 

So, these are a few of the gaming applications you must have on your mobile if you want to have a good time. These apps will keep you occupied and engaged, even when there’s nothing better to do. Since Omicron is forcing everything to shut down once again and social distancing is back as the topmost priority, let these games keep you sane and entertained. Start downloading right away, and all the best for participating in tournaments that will fetch you cash prizes.

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