USB Write Protection Software: Enable / Disable Writing or Lock USB Drives

In Floppy disks, there used to be a write protection button which prevented writing or modifying files on disk. However, USB Pendrives or micro USB cards don’t come with any button or switch. So, here is how you can enable or disable write protection on USB using software.

Why Enable Write Protection on USB Drive

If you are giving your Pendrive to somebody and don’t want them to make changes or delete anything, write protection is the best solution. They will be able to read content, access and copy the files from pendrive but won’t able to paste anything or delete any file.

It also helps when you aren’t sure about a public / shared computer about its malicious behavior. Especially in school/institutes where most of the computers are infected. When you insert your pen drive in such places, it also gets infected. This may result in corrupting of files on drive and in turn may spread virus on your computer too.

So, if write protection is enabled, no virus will be able to inject anything on drive.

How To Enable/Disable Write Protection on USB Drive

USB Write Protect is a name of software which can enable or remove write protection from removable USB drive.

Interface of this tool consist of three sections: “Enable / Disable Write Protection”, “Lock” and “USB Autorun”.

Enable / Disable Write Protection– After enabling protection, contents from USB drive will be read-only. It means new files cannot be added, existing files cannot be deleted, modified or renamed.

disk write protection interrupted action

This is how dialog box will appear when you try to add new file to write protected USB drive. It reads: Interrupted action- The Disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

Lock USB Device– Locking USB Device means device won’t show up on any computer connected. It is total protection mode in which file neither be read nor write.

USB Write Protection Software

Password Protection

To prevent anyone from using this tool and make changes in your settings, you can set password. Password button is given at the bottom which is used to set password. Once set, tool will prompt for password before opening.

Tool automatically detects removable USB drive connected to computer and enable/disable write protection accordingly. Also, it can detect if there are more than one which makes it possible to lock multiple USB drives in one click.

Note: You will have to right-click on file and “Run as Administrator” to make all the functions work. Once action taken, remove and re-insert Pendrive in computer to see the changes made by USB write protection software.

Download USB Write Protect

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