How to Watch NSFW Videos at Work / Office Without Getting Caught

Watching video or reading private stuffs ma not be safe all the time. In this post, I am writing about a web application which allows to do your personal work without getting noticed. Watch videos or surf other website besides work in working hours at the office and that too without getting anyone know about it.

The work is frowned upon seeing certain types of pages, as those with slightly naked ladies or videos from YouTube. These stuffs are rated as  NSFW pages. i.e. Not Safe For Work.

Vanishd is an application that can make any Web page, video or Youtube etc. transparent vis-à-vis another active window on your PC.

When checking into this site, we see a link at the top of the page, with the shape of the logo of the site where, if we press, we can turn the page that is hidden underneath. But how to hide that page?

Watch Demo video to know more how exactly it works.

Also, you can choose from with which document should the website be covered. You can choose from Word, PowerPoint and MS excel, etc.

Is this method totally safe?

Well, this method is just for hiding present content on your screen. The content you are accessing on your system can be easily monitored. This service only allows you to access the contents that are not blocked.

If you are searching for services that allow you to unblock restricted contents, then this list of applications can be handy.

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make$ - May 20, 2009

Very informative post! Normally I don’t comment on blogs but this post deserves it 😀


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