WinX MediaTrans Review : An Easy iPhone Manager

iTunes is a great way to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod. It gives you better speed, better integration and does the job very well. At times, though, it can be a real pain in the ass.

Ever tried to back up only a few files from your iPhone? Or, ever wanted to watch iTunes-purchased files in another media player? In all these cases, it can put you in trouble. Also, running iTunes in a Windows PC will consume a lot of resources too. Well, WinX MediaTrans is a combined solution for all these issues. It’s a brand-new iPhone manager software that makes everything simpler and better.

It was one of the best Windows utilities we’d come across recently. So, we thought of coming up with a well-detailed review of WinX MediaTrans and its noteworthy features. At the end of the day, you can find out if you really need this iTunes alternative.

The Basics — WinX MediaTrans

You can talk about WinX MediaTrans in two different ways.

First, WinX MediaTrans is an iTunes alternative. If you’re not okay with iTunes for Windows or if you do need more features, you can go for this utility software. Second, WinX MediaTrans can be an effective solution to manage your iPhone contents. From Music Manager to Ringtone Maker, a lot of features are offered by this tool. Personally speaking, I’d like to call it one of the best iPhone manager software I’ve ever seen.

WinX MediaTrans Main Interface

Talking of availability, WinX MediaTrans is available for Windows PCs. However, a Mac version — with lower amount of features — is available under another name. Thankfully, this easy and fast iPhone manager offers a free copy. You can download the free version from Here. If you have an iPhone, there is nothing to lose. It is just about visiting the page and installing the software.

Why You Need WinX MediaTrans?

The first reason is that iTunes is ineffective in many aspects of iPhone management. It consumes big amount of resources from your PC, does not let you selectively back up content and is restricted to a few formats. If these issues worry you, you have all the reasons to check out WinX MediaTrans for Windows. It would be a great time-saver and offers a lot more impressive features.

Noteworthy Features in WinX MediaTrans

Thinking what’s so special about this iPhone manager? Well, we can have a look on what you can do with it.

  • Photo Transfer

Photo transfer options are quite basic in WinX MediaTrans, but quite faster. When you think photos take up a lot of space in your iPhone, you can easily accept all of them. You don’t need the support of iTunes / iCloud to do so. You don’t have to back up all the albums — just the ones you need.

  • Video Transfer

In most cases, videos are the villains causing shortage of storage space. In WinX MediaTrans, a few features help you get the best-quality videos in your iPhone without losing much space. I suggest to check, its sales force is very strong and it can help you obtain more storage.

Suppose you want to store some favorite movies in your iPhone. In that case, WinX MediaTrans converts all the files to an iOS-compatible formats. It also manages to compress file size up to 50%, with no compromise over quality. On top of all these, WinX MediaTrans supports transfer of high-quality video content. it doesn’t matter if it’s a 4K video or 1080p; the tool offers best speeds we’ve seen so far.

Simply put, WinX MediaTrans has presented a super-easy way to deal with iPhones and videos. The process is quick, user-friendly and consumes lesser resources from PC.

  • Music Transfer and Ringtone Management

There is no life without Music! You can do a few things in the music transfer section of WinX MediaTrans. In the first place, you can easily convert any music file into MP3 or AAC, thus getting compatibility. Thanks to its simplified User Interface, it feels easy in WinX MediaTrans to organize your iTunes playlists. You can also build a new playlist, if you like.

You can also manage your ringtones from the same interface. There are also options to create ringtones and to back up your voice memos. This is great for those who love to change their ringtones so often. You would actually create a few on your own.

  • iBooks Management

Do you read books via iBooks? Well, WinX MediaTrans lets you have all your favorite titles in the collection. You can transfer both text eBooks and audio eBooks between your iPhone and computer. Also, when you export eBook files, you can use the tool to convert it to PDF, HTML and TXT.

  • iTunes DRM Removal

This is the best feature we have found in WinX MediaTrans. Due to something called Apple FairPlay DRM, all iTunes-purchased content are available only in authorized Apple devices. You cannot transfer those files to another device; even if you transfer, the files won’t work. With WinX MediaTrans, you can deal with DRM-restricted video files as well.

WinX MediaTrans seamlessly lists all the media content on your iPhone, including DRM-restricted ones. You can, however, convert these files into a non-DRM nature. So, once you have copied the files to your PC, they will be available for any-device compatibility. This DRM-removal feature is available for Videos, Songs and eBooks you’ve purchased from iTunes.

User Interface and Speed

When compared to iTunes, WinX MediaTrans is quite simple to use. Due to the modular design, you have to launch the sections you really need. In each section, there are options to select files and back them up. This is way too better than backing up all the stuff you’ve stored in the device. I particularly liked how its ringtone cropping feature has been arranged. In short, I’ll give a big positive sign for the usability aspect of this WinX MediaTrans.

As far as Windows version is concerned, data transfer speeds are top-notch. Whether we are using the USB drive feature or common media transfer, WinX MediaTrans does the job very well. With the right set of PC configurations, WinX MediaTrans requires just 10 seconds to transfer 100 of 4K photographs. This is one hell of speed if compared to what iTunes for Windows offers.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, WinX MediaTrans is the best iPhone manager we’ve ever seen. It helps you bypass all the restrictions you find with iTunes. You can selectively back up your media files, use iPhone as a USB drive and even get rid of Apple FairPlay DRM. As far as media management is concerned, these features are just up to the mark.

WinX has also managed to build an awesome User Interface. It makes everything simple and easy-to-use. In the worst case, even If you have no experience with iTunes, you won’t have any issues with WinX MediaTrans for Windows.

Altogether, I’d recommend it for all iPhone owners out there and that’s why I wrote this review, for more review of other products visit online, where you can find different useful reviews for all kind of products.

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