How to Manage Business on the go with Wix Mobile

With the advent of mobile culture, people want to get things done on the go. So, why should businesses get left behind? Managing a shop online from anywhere in the world has become possible in the last few years, and Wix is jumping on board with the trend.

Wix Mobile was introduced to help users manage their websites easily from their phones, whether that may be a business or a blog.

Businesses need to be responding to their clients’ needs as fast as they can. The Wix Mobile App allows small business owners to easily stay connected and responsive to all of their customer needs.

Wix Mobile will let you take control of any situation by allowing site owners to take responsibility for their business directly from their phones. That means that regardless of where you are in the world, you can easily check in and get your business done. Whether it is managing your orders, clients, editing blog posts, viewing your bookings or editing your hotel reservations. Everything is now under the single platform on your mobile screen.

Wix has always been known as an easy and beautiful solution to help people to build a website, but now they are guaranteeing even more usability with their mobile solution.

You might be asking yourself, what are some of the advantages of running your business from your phone with the Wix Mobile App?

The Wix Mobile App can help keep you on track with all of your business needs. For instance, you will receive an instant notification when visitors are contacting you through your site. You can simply upload photos to your site – which is a big bonus for viewer engagement. Additionally, you can keep track of all of the bookings that might come through your site – this is amazing for any business that requires clients to book a spot in advance.

You can be certain to keep your store up to date if you are using the Wix Mobile App. You can find out what stock you are low on, and order it in advance by keeping track of your inventory on your phone!

You can also complete a multitude of tasks aside from selling products, such as, viewing your orders, changing the status of an order, calling a customer directly, adding a new product, editing an existing product, changing the visibility of a product, adding a discount to a product and much more.

One can easily guarantee that the experience of your customers will be enjoyable because your site will look beautiful if you choose from one of the updated free landing page templates. Your landing page is the first impression with your site, so you should be sure to choose something beautiful. Also, you won’t need to worry about how your page is going to look from your phone, because now Wix templates are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Real-time Updates about Business

Gone are the days where you needed to spend all of your time sitting in front of your computer screen. People need to have flexibility with their businesses, being on the go is the new business standard. Particularly if you need to travel for your business, the Wix Mobile App will ensure that you can stay on track and keep your business managed even while abroad.

If you want to take your business to the next level, we also recommend using the Wix Chat App. Your visitors probably have questions about your site and your business, you can use Wix Chat App to talk directly with your visitors from your phone. This will help you to settle problems, provide information and build a community with all of your customers. Instead of wondering what your visitors think, now you can get an up close and personal look at their thoughts by interacting directly with them via the Wix Chat App.

The future of technology is definitely found on the phone. People spend majority of their day connected to their phones. In the past, people used to only use their mobiles for making phone calls, but now people are managing everything from their phones. It only seems natural that business would also become an integrated feature for the phone. If you have a small business, and want to make sure that you are on top of all of your clients’ needs then we highly recommend downloading the Wix Mobile App.

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