Aero Tuner: Customize Windows 7 Aero Settings, Glow Color, Stripes

People who love to customize windows according to them try almost anything available to personalize appearance settings. There are many applications available now to configure windows 7 appearance. If you intend to tune the aero looks then Aero Tuner is a good utility to give a try.

Aero Tuner is a freeware, portable application for windows 7 aero tuning. It is easy to use and provides one configuration window to work with.

change aero settings windows 7

It allows you to personalize various aero aspects like aero color, balance, aero stripes, after glow and blur balance. You can also change primary aero and glow colors using this tool.

This is a useful tool specially due to its portability and small size. It’s easy to use interface makes it suitable for use by any level of user. Only thing to be kept in mind is not to delete any files that comes within the installation package else the application will not work.

The best way to have the exact settings for Aero Tuner is Trial & Error method. Keep changing the settings with different color schemes till it completely suits your needs.

Download Aero Tuner (364KB)


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