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Default mobile browser that comes with our mobile can only give you frustration rather than good service just like what Internet Explorer is doing with us.

So, forget your default mobile browser and move towards high speed and high performing browser. I am giving you list of such browsers that are jar files known as J2ME /  java software and are handy to use with all major mobile phones including Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony and Motorola.

Opera mini browser

Fantastic, Mind blowing, Incredible, Extraordinary are only words that can define Opera mini. Opera mini also comes in jar or jad file without which your mobile cant live! A ultra high speed browser which provides full access to surf net , downloading images mp3s and other application. One can also watch You tube videos on opera mini. Opera mini offers us to synchronize our bookmarks contact list from desktop opera to Opera mini and vice versa. Download

mobile web browser


If you are using two or more email account of Google or Yahoo then doing it from one browser could be more hectic as it is little difficult to type username and password from mobile key pad . So, Lets move towards our second option, UCWEB. Its well and good browser which have option to resume download if it fails due to any reason. Beside that it provides convenient way to copy and paste any urls or contents.
Most reliable function of UCWEB is its tabbed browsing which allows you view separate websites at one time unlike opera mini. Download


Most of the feature of Teashark are same as like UCWEB.Teashark is high performing java software but still in beta stage. In India it is one of the famous mobile browser as the Airtel users were accessing and surfing internet GPRS for free using Airtel live settings. We recommend you to please use browsers for legal use only. Download


Bolt is rising its popularity by introducing new features and formula to mobile browsing and its time for opera mini to think about its rival BOLT. Copy-Paste function is such a simple and easy to use that any body will fall in love of bolt. Inline Text gives auto fill of username and password like Desktop browser. One can easily do blogging through Bolt. It also has inbuilt Upload Videos and Photos function to make the downloading and uploading task easier. Download


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  1. Nihar says:

    Thanks for sharing these browsers. will check it on my mobile.

  2. mrfx says:

    All these web browsers are server based, so all data between you and displayed page (eg. passwords etc) are sent thru browser manufacturer server. It is not secure. You can’t also access lan servers eg. these of ip 192.168.x.x., 10.x.x.x etc.
    Is there any real, decent J2ME web browser?

  3. Rasheed says:

    Opera this i downloaded its pretty cool, thanks for sharing keep it up..

  4. pankaj says:

    who dares not to mention SKYFIRE MOBILE WEB BROWSER in the list. it is even better than opera mini because of its capacity to play FLASH VIDEOS on any site other than youtube too……

  5. Thanx buddy, its has no more newest. like z browser, tell us some pc type web browsers.

  6. Thanx buddy, its has no more newest. like z browser, tell us some pc type web browsers…

  7. i mean to say, give me .jar formate browser who can open pc version of any site, for sgh-e250

  8. gandu says:

    east or west is the best buddies,,dwnld it b secure at

  9. Abhay Patel says:

    Hey i m abhay i want ucwec 6.3 im samsung chat322 so how to get it????????????

  10. Gustava says:

    I have the EM326g as well and it doesn’t ducdet any minutes when I use Opera Mini either.

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